Under the Radar - Alternative Winter Jewellery Trends

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Don't let the dark winter nights get you down - add a splash of sparkle and colour to your day with these four lesser-known treasures.


Chrome Diopside

Hailing from Siberia, this deep fern green stone is the epitome of winter gems. The severe Russian climate means mining is only possible around three months a year, making this already scarce treasure even rarer. Its striking sparkle and brilliance create a startling contrast against the frosty white backdrop of the remote mines and freezing conditions of the environment it originates from. Boasting no treatment at all this natural beauty has a refractive index almost double that of an Emerald, giving this truly scintillating gem a brilliant sparkle.

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Champagne Danburite

Danburite is known for its dazzling Diamond-like brilliance, clarity and fire and can often be mistaken for the stone itself. A high average carat weight adds to this gemstone's desirability, this variety in particular is not only a great alternative to a Champagne Diamond but also a lot rarer. Its distinctive colour gets its name from the beverage it is named after, a celebratory name for a luxurious gemstone that glistens under the winter sun.

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Malagasy Ruby

Possibly the most iconic red gemstone in history, the Ruby has been a symbol of love and vitality for centuries. This Malagasy variety is found in and around the dense jungles of the Zahamena National Park, which is currently one of the most significant Corundum deposits in the world, bringing new life to this classic stone. The high chromium content in the iron-rich area means Mother Nature has truly worked her magic to produce its much loved, intense colour.

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Optic Quartz

Optic Quartz has an exceptional clarity, a natural beauty with a purity like no other, appearing like an icicle, suspended in time. Not only is Quartz highly regarded amongst lapidarists as it is the perfect canvas to work on, it can also provoke a strong emotional response from those who come into contact with it. This is due to it being piezoelectric, meaning it can create an electrical charge which will oscillate ever so slightly when held in the hand. Many feel this extraordinary connection brings us closer to the mineral world.

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