Under the Radar - Alternative Autumn Jewellery Trends

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The colors of autumn are full of inspiration for any jewellery designer - here we pick four lesser-known gems that would work well with your wardrobe during this season. (But you can wear them all year round - we won't tell!)


Manganese Dendrite

This gemstone may look like an ancient Japanese watercolour, but this masterpiece was actually created by the brushstrokes of Mother Nature. This rare mineral feels like a snapshot of time, like a vintage photograph taken on an evening walk through a forest. The Manganese creates stems and leaves that appear to have grown through the natural body of the gemstone, creating an organic work of art.

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Gouveia Andalusite

Known for its everlasting colours of autumn, this gemstone has a natural kaleidoscope of burgundy reds, crisp golden yellows and rustic browns. It is undeniably one of the most highly pleochroic gemstones on the planet, meaning it changes colour when viewed from different directions. Gemstone cutters therefore try to orientate the gem to create a cognac cocktail of earthy tones and patterns that dance around its facets.

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Anahi Ametrine

Only found at the single location where it was discovered, the Anahi Ametrine Mine in Eastern Bolivia plays host to this true wonder of Mother Nature. One of the most interesting gemstones known to man, this extraordinary gem has a captivating split personality. On the colour wheel, purple and yellow are opposites, which means they are complementary colours. This fusion of regal purple Amethyst and the warm sunshine hue of Citrine have enchantingly combined into one stone. Gemstone cutters delight in finding ways to maximise its beauty. Whether it’s with a 50:50 split, or as a blended sunburst of swirling colours, each unusual cutting style adds to the spectacle that is Anahi Ametrine.

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Tarocco Red Andesine

The rich reds and vivid oranges that dance within this Andesine are like that of the fallen autumn foliage that decorates the ground. As we watch the leaves flutter down during the fall, we are reminded that it’s a time for letting go and releasing things that have been a burden. The glowing liveliness from within the body of this gemstone embodies this idea of new beginnings, a fiery blood orange heart at the centre of this exquisite gem.

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