New Year, New You, New In: Jewellery Looks for 2018

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Happy New Year! So 2018 is here and we're just so excited to share some brand new jewellery designs with you. These selected pieces are perfect for the coming year and beyond, but these are just our highlights, you can see all of our new designs by clicking here. Among all the new year's resolutions and fireworks, don't forget to treat yourself to something pretty to wear this season.


Paraiba Tourmaline

What better way to start your new year than with one of the most sought after and constantly in demand gemstones that we've ever been fortunate enough to source? The soothing bright tropical green-blue tones of Paraiba Tourmaline are unmatched in any other gemstone and will sing with colour no matter where you are or how bright or dim the lighting is. It's a perfect piece for everyday wear as Tourmaline is at the harder end of the gemstone scale, and the delightful tones of the stone will take you from beautiful crisp spring afternoons with bright sunlight and fresh air, right through to your next new year's eve party. Setting the stone in gold really finishes the the design off perfectly, with the famous hue of the precious metal perfectly balancing the tone of the gem.

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It may be February's birthstone but Amethyst is ageless in its wearability and the variety and depth of its colour will never let you down. This perfectly balanced cluster design sources all of its Amethyst stones from Morocco. The way the deeper indigo tones of Amethyst sit side by side with the lighter lilac and mauve tones of the Rose du Maroc Amethyst bring to mind freshly blooming flowers and blossom on trees. Setting these stones in silver was a masterstroke by our design team as the colourless metal doesn't steal focus from the cluster design and makes this a piece to be worn by anybody, of any age, at any time of year.

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This incredibly pretty Peridot necklace will almost certainly be one of the most popular pieces of our new 2018 jewellery collection and the limited number of pieces crafted are sure to be snapped up quickly by discerning collectors. New year and the arrival of spring are both associated with new beginnings and the colour green has always been linked with new life, new leaves on trees and new flowers growing. This exceedingly dainty design features a pear cut Peridot set between two silver branches featuring leaves set with sparkly white Topaz, and the chain is adjustable so you can wear this necklace however you wish. If you're looking for the perfect piece to represent the coming year and the renewal that it represents, look no further.

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We're holding some big sales this new year, and what better time to get hold of January's birthstone than during our January sale? These straight drop earrings manage the difficult feat of being stylish in both a modern and classic sense at the same time. The tone of Nampula Garnet is a wonderful compromise between the deep, darker more orange-brown tones and the lighter, brighter pinks that also exude from certain Garnet gemstones. This leaves a wonderfully solid deep red colour that could even put some Ruby gems to shame. Earrings remain a wonderful gift idea if you're hunting for presents for somebody and you don't know their ring size. They also complete a look, adding the finishing touch to any outfit and working perfectly alongside our Garnet rings and Garnet pendants. You could even add a bracelet for the complete ensemble.

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We finish this blog as we started - with beautifully selected bright gemstones offset against the inviting warmth of yellow gold. It'll be no secret how Neon Apatite earned its prefix if you've seen the above piece, with the gemstones barely able to contain the colour within. Each perfectly matched stone is cradled with a generous surround of gold and the fluidity of the links between each gem will make this a comfortable bracelet to wear and comes with an extender chain built into the piece, allowing you to wear it as tight or as loose as you wish. You will never get tired of looking at the deep Caribbean ocean blues that these gems exude, and as soon as you wear this for the first time we're sure it will be on your wrist for a very long time.

Shop this bracelet here, or see more of our new in bracelets right here.

To see all of our brand new piece that are launching for 2018 in our new year sales, don't forget to have a look through our dedicated page full of new jewellery designs for you to fall in love with.

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