Under the Radar - Alternative Summer Jewellery Trends

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Sparkle with colourful summer jewellery all year round with these four lesser-known striking and bold gemstones.


Pink Spinel

Spinel has been hailed as the 'gemstone of disguise' for years but has now become historic in its own right as only the second addition to the birthstone list since 1912 - joining Peridot as a birthstone for August. Derived from the Latin word 'spina' meaning 'thorn', its crystals are reminiscent of the thorns of a rose bush that adorn an English country garden. This blushing beauty has captured the hearts of gemstone fans around the world with its soft, pastel pinks and regal intrigue. It elegantly combines beauty, romance and wonder alongside fantastic brilliance and vitreous lustre.

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Rainbow Moonstone

Thanks to the optical phenomenon 'adularescence' this gemstone emulates the moon on a moonlit evening. Its enchanting shimmer appears to dance across the stone as it's turned. This bluish lustre or glow, that originates from below the surface of the gemstone, gives the impression of lunar light floating on water, hence its name. This royal blue sheen is highly valued and even more so when a rare coloured sheen can be seen that mirrors the colours of a rainbow – with bursts of violet blues, sunburned oranges and forest greens.

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Xia Heliodor

This golden gemstone, which hails from the famous Xia Mine, encapsulates a spectrum of sunburst colours reminiscent of a magnificent sunset. The name Heliodor aptly translates as 'gift from the sun' and is known locally as the Yellow Emerald due to the high regard it holds within the trade. This high grade Beryl displays crisp canary undertones that dance within the gem due to its unparalleled clarity. Owning a piece of Xia Heliodor is like owning a little piece of sunshine. With its beaming radiant yellows it's easy to see why the locals say the sun never sets when you are looking at this gemstone.

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Baiyang Colour Change Fluorite

Lake Baiyang (in the Hebei province of China) has a huge number of beautiful water lotuses that in the winter lay dormant beneath the calm surface of the lake. As spring arrives, the deep blue surface turns Ruby red thanks to the beauty of the blossoming lotus flowers emerging from the water. Locals say that this top grade stone possesses the changing seasons of Lake Baiyang itself, as its striking colour change echoes that of the lake. Moving from a mesmerising royal blue to an electric magenta with intense flashes of pink under different light sources, it is a metaphor of nature and a rarity to behold.

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