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Jewellery can be some of our most valued possessions in life, so it is important that we know how to take care of it correctly.

Dirt from oils, lotions and other products can easily build up on jewellery. Sadly, there are many home remedies that advise ineffective and unsafe ways of cleaning your jewellery.

At Gemporia, we work with 'Connoisseurs', the global market leader in jewellery care, whose products are specially designed and formulated to treat all types of jewellery safely, in a fast and effective way. They quickly remove dirt and tarnish to help restore the natural beauty of your jewellery.

Jewellery Beauty Wipes™

In convenient, easy-to-open, compact packages, these wipes are easy to carry and can clean gold and silver jewellery on the go. They contain an anti-tarnish shield to help your jewellery retain its lustre.

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Jewellery Wipes and Dazzle Stik

Diamond Dazzle Stik®

This cleaning gel contains micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents that bring back radiance and lustre to Diamonds, precious stones, platinum and gold jewellery settings.

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Jewellery Beauty Buffs™

A convenient two-cloth dry cleaning system for cleaning and polishing jewellery and watches, that helps to remove and prevent tarnish. Available for silver or gold.

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Beauty Buffs

Dazzle Drops Jewellery Cleaner™

A biodegradable and non-toxic jewellery cleaner that provides a simple, fresh cleaning solution every time you clean. Available in 'Silver' or 'Advanced'.

Shop Silver Jewellery Cleaner here and Advanced Jewellery Cleaner here

Jewellery Cleaner

Other Ways to Care for your Gemstones



Always store your gemstones separately to avoid scratches from harder gems. Soft stones like Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise can easily be scratched by the edges of other jewellery.

Sunlight and Heat

Sunlight and Heat

Gemstones like Amethyst and Citrine can fade in sunlight, so it is best to store jewellery away from direct sunlight. Opals also require extra special care since strong sunlight can dry out their water content, which can cause crazing or colour change.



Always avoid wearing jewellery whilst swimming, as the chlorine in the water can damage jewellery. Gold prongs are particularly susceptible, chlorine can cause gemstones to become loose and potentially fall out.

Household Cleaners

Household Cleaners

Remember to remove jewellery before using any product that contains bleach as gold and other metal alloys can deteriorate, leaving irreparable damage. Many gemstones are porous and can also be discoloured by products that contain bleach or ammonia.

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