Mariusz Gielo and Baltic Amber

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Mariusz Gielo sources and creates pieces of jewelry featuring Baltic Amber. His workshop is based in Gdansk, Poland - the Amber capital of the world.

Gdansk is the Amber capital of the world, one of the most important sources for the finest pieces of Amber. There are other Amber localities in Colombia and Africa, but these are either too new, too small or too soft. It’s an unusual source as the vast majority of the Amber found here is taken from the sea, and the stunning quality Amber that is washed up along the shores of Gdansk is around 45 million years old.


Mariusz Gielo brings us our fine Baltic Amber pieces. His jewelry house, where pieces are finely crafted into a wide array of designs, resides in the center of Gdansk. Each piece of jewelry is expertly hand finished by a team of artisans whose skill has been passed down from generation to generation.

Baltic Amber

Mariusz was driven to start crafting Amber jewelry as he had seen pieces for sale that he felt just didn’t do the gem any justice. In some cases, the rough material had been sent elsewhere to be shaped, and he felt the cutters had failed to unlock the potential of Baltic Amber, and that the sorters had failed to obtain the highest and finest grade.


The cobbled streets of Gdansk are home to artisans who truly understand this alluring material. Mariusz’s vision was to bring them all together in one place, from designers and lapidarists to silversmiths and polishers, all under one roof. Gemporia is very proud to offer these exquisite pieces from Mariusz’s workshops to you.

We regularly feature Amber on our live TV channel - look out for upcoming shows in our schedule.

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