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The Aryonna design house in Jaipur is one of the last remaining workshops of its kind, a workshop that solely creates jewellery entirely by hand, a skill that has been passed down through generations. Our team of Master Silversmiths are among the finest in the world at making limited edition lines of exquisite jewellery.

We send many of our rarest cocktail mineral compositions to this artisan workshop, as we are of the belief that these organic anomalies of Mother Nature truly deserve the human touch. This means the organic narrative continues into the finished piece of jewellery.



A stone that presented itself in one of the most inhospitable places on earth – the Kola Peninsula, which is part of Russia that sits just inside the Arctic Circle. This small area that peels away from the Russian continent harbours some of the rarest earth elements in the world, and as such, some of the world's rarest treasures lie buried beneath its surface.

This particular incarnation of this stone features a fusion of Astrophyllite and nepheline that work so well together and is instantly evocative of its home environment. The nepheline body of the stone is reminiscent of fresh snow with its wonderful lustre and the Astrophyllite cuts straight through it with its aventurescence like the morning sun penetrating everything under its gaze.

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Another rare composition that is brought to us by the geological miracle that has taken place in the Kola Penninsula, Eudialyte occurs in distinctive colours of red, magenta, pink, blue, yellow and an attractive chocolate. The intensely carmine colour has been referred to as "Dragon's Blood", by some Russian dealers. The parcel we managed to source captured the full spectrum of the rarest colours known to form in Eudialyte, but all of our stones have that rich “Dragon's Blood” carmine hue running through the stone, which is testament to the skill of our lapidarists.

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Sonora Dendrite

The wonderful thing about the inclusions and patterns within this stone (and something we haven’t seen in any other stone) is the way the dark Dendrite needles have a halo of lighter stone surrounding them. This is due to the dendritic needles drawing colour out of the host rock during the gem’s formation.

The body colours have a stunning variation, but seem to encapsulate the Sonora Desert as an ode to its single locational mother mountain.

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