Under the Radar - Alternative Spring Jewellery Trends

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Explore four beautiful and lesser-known springtime gemstones that are bursting with colour and will compliment your seasonal wardrobe.


Rose de France Amethyst

Like the beautiful blush of a blooming spring blossom, Rose de France Amethyst captivates with its stunning feminine lavender hues. A small change in an Amethyst’s chemical makeup creates a dazzling display of lilacs and lavenders. Finding the perfect colour is very difficult, only 5% of Amethysts have exactly the right tone – too dark and they are Amethyst, too light and they are Rose Quartz.

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Prasiolite Amethyst has that stunning 'fresh leaf' green. Also known as Green Quartz or Vermarine, Prasiolite is a green variety of Quartz. Very occasionally, this gem is found naturally, but almost all of the Prasiolite on the market has been heated. Most Amethyst, when heated, becomes Citrine. However, a small percentage turns a bright apple green and is known as Prasiolite.

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If there was ever a gemstone to encapsulate the astonishing beauty of a Monet masterpiece, it is this gem. With extraordinary swirling patterns reminiscent of a magical waterfall, this gem is named after where it is found, near the Chara River, in Yakutia, Siberia. Wonderfully, the unique patterns are actually created by the movement of water. Just as a bright crocus might add a dash of early colour to a garden, Charoite’s rich purple hue will bring a splash of colour to any outfit.

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A stunning and rare daffodil-yellow gem from the Scapolite family, Marialite is a gem to truly treasure. Often mistaken for other yellow gems, Marialite can be identified by its orange fluorescence under UV light. An extremely lively gemstone, Marialite, like Zircon, crystallises in the tetragonal crystal system, meaning that it is has similar visual characteristics. Rarely, both Cat's Eye and Purple examples are found.

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