The Imperfect Collection

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One of the things that is treasured about genuine gemstones is that they were created by Mother Nature - each is completely unique and completely different. The way in which the gem formed can be seen in the inclusions, bubbles or patterns within the gemstone - its unique fingerprint. Gem Expert David Troth explains the inspiration behind the Imperfect Collection.

David Troth, Gem Expert

This collection was inspired by my late grandmother and has changed the way I add gemstones to my daughter’s collection.

My grandmother had saved her whole life so that one day she could afford to buy each of her daughters a Diamond ring. Finally, in the mid-1980s, she booked her trip to London by train with my grandfather.

She went into a well-respected Diamond jewellery store in Hatton Garden and told the salesman that she wanted to select three loose Diamonds. He then took my grandparents out into the back room and presented them with a parcel of loose Diamonds.

She loved these beautiful eye clean Diamonds but was drawn to another parcel that was folded up in brown paper and so she asked if she could take a look.

The jeweller was hesitant and explained that these were included or imperfect Diamonds and wouldn’t be fitting for her daughters. My grandmother began to start studying the included Diamonds. She selected three stones for each of her daughters and began looking closer under a lamp.

My grandmother explained that each of these Diamonds was as unique as each of her three daughters. The jeweller showed her the label attached to the parcel, once again reminding her that these were imperfect Diamonds. My grandmother calmly told him that it’s how you choose to look at things that matters:

Where you see an imperfect Diamond, I see a Diamond that celebrates its uniqueness, embraces its character and says I'm-perfect, just the way I am.

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