National Selfie Day: Take a Gemfie

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Selfie: 'A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.’

Gemfie: As above, with added bling.

We love our gemstones and we know you do too. Now you have a chance to start the next craze which will soon be sweeping social media! We’re inviting jewellery enthusiasts to show off their most prized possessions in selfies and post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Already, fashion bloggers Vanity and Me, Is This Mutton?, Anna’s Island Style and Style Splash have shared their ‘gemfies’ with us.

Jewellery blogging itself is gaining popularity all the time, with many over 40s taking blogging in a new direction. Style Splash told us:

“I've been blogging for almost seven years. I started Style Splash a year after having my daughter. It was partly to regain my identity, but also to give me a creative outlet. My blog, which is predominantly aimed at women over 40, is about having fun with fashion and refusing to abide by any age-related ‘rules’. I have loved jewellery from being a little girl, and have taken several jewellery making courses. The first piece I made was a copper cuff, which I still wear from time to time. I also enjoy making beaded necklaces and bracelets, often upcycling items I find in charity shops.”

Emma Peach of Style Splash wears a Tanzanite cluster ring by Gemporia for her Gemfie.

Emma Peach wears a Gemporia Tanzanite ring

Fashion for the over-40s is about finding the confidence to try new things. Is This Mutton?’s Gail Hanlon writes:

“I don't profess to being a fashion expert, and one of the things writing a blog has taught me is to keep trying new looks rather than staying in the same rut. Put simply, I like buying cosmetics, accessories and clothes! And why ‘Is this mutton?’ Well, the possibility of looking "mutton" is probably the thing that worries the over 40s the most. It's often at the back of my mind. I may look confident posing in outfits but it's a fairly recent development. You do gain a lot more confidence as you get older and care less about what people think.”

Is This Mutton?'s Gail Hanlon, an over-40s fashion and beauty blogger from London, showcases a beautiful Opal from the Australian Coober Pedy mine, set in 9ct gold.

Is This Mutton? Gemfie

Blogging can make a real difference in inspiring women to feel body-confident at any age. As Anna’s Island Style explains:

“I'm a wife, mother of two and an every day sea swimmer as well as the manager of an art gallery on Tresco in the Isles of Scilly where I've worked for 20 years. I love my job, particularly for the fact that it allows me to be creative in what I wear. I'm a bit of a chameleon, changing my outfits according to my mood and I do like to have fun with the look of the day. Clothes are my passion and styling them up with the right accessories and jewellery is the icing on the cake. As an over 50s blogger, I see my role as someone who can inspire the post-menopausal woman to rediscover her identity after what can often be a prolonged period of hot flushes and night sweats, not to mention the mental and emotional readjustment needed to redefine herself in the youth-adoring culture of today. Finding a way forward through the joys of great dressing can help with the journey and this is what I represent. I aspire to inspire is what you might say.”

Anna wore a Citron Feldspar Sterling Silver ring by Gemporia for her gemfie.

Anna's Island Style gemfie

Vanity and Me explains how she became a blogger as a grandmother, sharing her passion for fashion with others:

“From a young age, I have loved all aspects of fashion, when I first started senior school I would trade my lunch money for Vogue Magazine! Naughty, but I just couldn't resist those glossy pages. I left school and entered the world of hairdressing, and in my time have had three salons. I am married with three children and eight grandchildren. I live in west London now and divide my time between here and Essex. I read a page from a magazine about blogging and was blown away, my mind was buzzing for the next few days and decided I had to give it a go. I am passionate about all aspects of fashion and beauty and even more so for anti-ageing remedies!”

Laurie of Vanity and Me wears a gorgeous trilogy of Sky Blue Topaz and White Topaz, Amethyst and White Topaz and Sky Blue Topaz with White Topaz bangles:

Vanity and Me Gemfie

Whether you’re a blogger, or use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can show the world you love your genuine gemstones with a Gemfie using #gemfie and #gemporia and we’ll share our favourites on our Gemporia Facebook page. Some of our Gemporia staff have got in on the act too!

Gemporia staff gemfies

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