Comeria Garnet

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This newest discovery of Garnet has redefined how the market perceives this prestigious gemstone.

There was Tourmaline and then there was Paraiba Tourmaline, there were Diamonds and then there were Argyle Pink Diamonds from Australia; these stones transcend their species and are elevated above their peers. The two aforementioned deposits are both now almost completely depleted, conventional mining in Argyle is now a thing of the past and their revolutionary underground block cave mining is hoping to preserve the life of the mine until 2020.

What Makes A Stone Special?

There are certain contributing factors that can make a gemstone memorable, certain historic events that make a discovery iconic and certain 'rock-star' elements that produce the finest gemstones on earth. The two most notable elements that fall into this category are chromium and manganese, these elements rarely bless gemstones with their presence, but when they do they produce something magical. All corundum is deemed Sapphire, green Sapphire, Padparadscha Sapphire, Kashmir Sapphire but there is one corundum that when kissed with chromium becomes the world's most coveted colored gemstone...Ruby. What makes a beautiful Cuprian Tourmaline a Paraiba Tourmaline? They both contain copper but it is the Manganese content that can give the world Paraiba Tourmaline.

A Gemstone Blessed Twice

When we think of Ruby and Paraiba Tourmaline there is one location on earth that is producing the finest of both of these prized stones right now and that prized location is Mozambique. It is there, where the 'treasure bearing' and highly mineralized Mozambique Belt and Zambezi Belt intersect very briefly that our 'one - off' parcel of Comeria Garnet was born.

Not only does this beautiful new discovery hail from the most important new gemstone location on earth but is also blessed with both manganese and chromium, making it a discovery that has sent shockwaves through the colored gemstone market. A stone that harbors a deep plum color that is reminiscent of the world's finest Siberian Amethyst, with subtle nuances that remind the world of fine Rubellite deposits and prized Purple Diamonds, a stone that was available for a fleeting moment of intense beauty in a tiny pocket before it was taken in its entirety and Mother Nature said "no more".

Color Change

This Comeria Garnet is so new to the market that most independent tests are still being conducted, but a pocket that was studied in detail by the Gem & Jewelry Institute of Thailand concluded that specimens showed color change, which is something that very few gemstones truly possess. Our own independent gem testing also validated this color change phenomenon, but we didn't want to make this a feature of our presentation as we saw this exquisite attribute as more of a color shift from intense magentas through to electric and radiant plum tones.

The Comeria Garnet is the most significant Garnet find we have seen on the market in recent years and we are proud to be a part of this gemstone's transition into the market and subsequent history books.

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