Sarah Bennett's Top 5 Jewellery Tips

| 1 min read

Sarah Bennett is our head designer here at Gemporia. She gives us her top 5 jewellery tips.


Personally, I’m not very precious about clarity and prefer inclusions as a reminder that I am wearing a gift from nature.


I don’t tend to wear exactly matching jewellery, but prefer to play around a theme. That is why when I create a set of jewellery, you will notice I often mix shapes and sizes.


I love wearing rings on every finger. Over the past few years we have seen a move away from just wearing jewellery on the wedding finger. More is more!


Pendants are making a big return! I think assembling a colourful collection of pendants is a great idea. I usually wear rings to compete with the colours of my outfits, but my pendants will complement.


If you love gold but are tight on budget, Vermeil offers a real alternative. It’s very different to gold flash, which is almost a spray tan for jewellery. The standard we adopt for Vermeil is designed to last.

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