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Introducing our brand new stacking collection, Bridge. Encompassing the colourful story of nature’s natural treasures, the new collection bridges the gap between the gemstone and its home.

Mother Nature didn’t evenly spread stunning gemstones across the planet. She chose remote, difficult and inhospitable terrain, carefully sprinkling her bounty where it can make a real difference. In many of these places, there is little else – no other employment, no rich and fertile land. Here at Gemporia, we want to ensure that those who mine in these remote places are fairly rewarded for their work, and that the communities which have sprung up around these mines are looked after.

By going directly to these areas to source our gems, we have come to know the difficulties they face. We are aiming to build a bridge with these communities, to help them improve their lives and those of future generations.

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Building a Bridge

We wanted to express this idea of building a bridge with remote gemstone communities in the design of the range itself – to represent the direct connection with the people who have unearthed these colourful stones.

The collection is available in two lengths – the Mini and the Maxi. Finding their inspiration in the outline and arches of a bridge, these rings create the ultimate statement. Stack them high for a contemporary look, or create arches and patterns across your hand. enter image description here Featuring 20 different gemstones in 50 different designs, Bridge brings gems from Madagascar, India, Tanzania and Zambia precisely set and beautifully crafted in exquisite designs.

The bright and bold coloured gems wonderfully depict the vitality of the gemstone nations from which they originate.

Bridging the Gap

Here at Gemporia, we pride ourselves on knowing exactly where our gemstones come from. Throughout the process of making our jewellery, we try to source our gems ourselves, and cut out the middlemen anywhere we can. This means we know who has contributed to the production of a piece of jewellery, and can ensure they are properly rewarded for their hard work.

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Moreover, by getting to know these mining communities ourselves, we come to know the challenges they face living in these remote areas and how we can help. £5 for every item sold from the Bridge Collection will go to the Colourful Life Foundation to support longterm sustainable projects in India, Madagascar, Tanzania and Zambia.

Whilst our core ongoing focus is education, we have also contributed to farming and irrigation projects and set up two medical clinics. We provide sanitary towels, school uniforms and school meals to young people, as well as providing nutrient rich flour to HIV sufferers, and support the Eco Stove project (a safe alternative to cooking on open fires).

By bridging the gap between the gem and its home, we aren’t just delivering high quality, affordable and contemporary jewellery, we are able to directly help these vulnerable communities across the globe.

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