Top 10 Unusual Gift Ideas for Jewelry Lovers

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Gift shopping is hard. It definitely helps if you know the recipient has a passion for something. If your loved one loves jewelry, you’ve come to the right place! But what if they already have everything? What are the best unusual gifts to get the jewelry lover in your life that they don’t already own? From the rarest of gemstones, to unusual cuts and unthought-of gifts, here is our list of the top 10 ideas to make sure that your present is anything but run-of-the-mill.

1. Birthstones


If you’re buying a birthday present, you will know their date of birth. If you know their date of birth, then you can easily find out their birthstone using our birthstone calculator. You can also use this tool to search by their star sign. Giving someone their birth gem is a great way of making your gift personal.

2. Charms


Charms are another easy way to give a gift that means something personal. They’re a great way to express a feeling or remember an occasion. If your loved one doesn’t already own a charm bracelet, giving one with a couple of charms can start them off collecting (and will give you something else to get them in the future!). Our Milano and Kama Charm Collections are the ideal place to find inspiration.

3. Half-Eternity Rings

Half-Eternity Rings

If it’s a romantic occasion, an eternity ring is a great gift idea. In the traditional style, a row of gemstones circles the finger to represent an unbreakable, eternal bond. It has recently become more usual to wear a ‘half-eternity’ style, as it is both more comfortable and more affordable. In either case, eternity rings can be given as a reminder of love and commitment on significant wedding anniversaries or during marriage vow renewal services. They are also increasingly being given to celebrate the birth of a first child. Find your eternity ring with Gemporia.

4. Lehrer Cuts

Lehrer Cuts

We’re proud to work alongside the renowned Gem Artist Glenn Lehrer. His cuts are both beautiful and fascinating. We bring four of his cuts to you – the TorusRing, QuasarCut, Man in the Moon and KaleidosCut. These cuts bring an unusual look to any gemstone, and make an ideal gift for a jewelry lover.

5. Snowflake Cut

Snowflake Cut

The Wobito brothers are third generation Master Cutters from Idar-Oberstein, Germany, a world-famous gemstone cutting area. These extremely skilled lapidarists have taken their inspiration from Mother Nature to create the stunning Snowflake Cut, capturing the fleeting beauty of a snowflake in a gem to last a lifetime.

6. Tanzanite


With a deep, luxurious, rich blue color, Tanzanite is beloved by gem collectors. Not only is it 1,000 times rarer than a Diamond, hailing from just one small area in Tanzania, but it also displays pleochroism – the ability to show more than one color as you turn the gem in the light. If you fancy something even rarer, around one in ten Tanzanites are ‘Fancy Coloured’, meaning that they show green, pink or yellow hues.

7. Csarite


Coming in at 10,000 times rarer than a Diamond, Csarite is a treasure known only to a few. Gem-quality Csarite comes from just one mine in Turkey, owned by our good friend Murat Akgun. With khaki greens and golden hues in daylight, under candlelight this gem shows vivid pinks, reds and purplish tones. This exceptional color change gem will also gradually shift color through different lighting conditions, but each gem will do this in a slightly different way, making it a truly unique gift. Find your perfect Csarite gift here.

8. Ametrine


This split-personality gem is one of Mother Nature’s greatest anomalies. Just one mine in the world produces this peculiar gem – the Anahi mine in Bolivia. Sometimes known as ‘Bolivianite’, Ametrine is a blend of two members of the Quartz family, Amethyst and Citrine. With rich purples and warm yellows this treat is either cut as a 50/50 color split, or as a ‘Sunburst’ blend of the two hues.

9. Aquamarine


You may be surprised to see Aquamarine and a list of unusual gift ideas, but more often than not this pastel blue beauty is overlooked when deciding on a gemstone to purchase. As the birthstone of March, it embodies the very essence of the start of Spring, from the crisp freshness in the air to the light blue sky that signals the beginning of this season. Find your romantic Aquamarine gift with Gemporia.

10. Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline

Any gemstone connoisseur will tell you that one of the most sought-after gems on the planet is Paraiba Tourmaline. This greenish blue to bluish green gem is renowned the world over for its neon color and extraordinary sparkle. Although many Tourmalines are beautiful, Paraiba has a rigidly defined color spectrum, as well as an unusual sparkle and glow. This is caused by minute copper platelets suspended within the gem – too small to see with the naked eye, but nonetheless reflecting the light like a tiny hall of mirrors. Find your piece of perfect Paraiba Tourmaline here.

You can find plenty more inspiration for gift ideas here.

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