All About Tahitian Pearls

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Tahitian Pearls (also known as Black Pearls) are prized for their uniquely dark colour, with a shimmering, iridescent Orient of gold, silver, pink, blue or green. They are produced by the Pinctada Margaritifera oyster. If their colours are particularly impressive, Tahitian Pearls can sometimes be known as ‘Peacock Pearls’.

Generally, when Pearls are sold in the jewellery industry, they are sold at invite-only auctions. Here at Gemporia, we have found a partner to supply us with our Tahitian Pearls, meaning that we have a trusted, steady supply and can choose the finest examples to bring you in our jewellery.

Maruata Pearls are a family-run business based in Tahiti. We were immediately impressed with their ethos and the care they take over their oysters – their motto has always been ‘a healthy oyster produces the most beautiful Pearl’.

Tahitian Pearls

Maruata’s reputation for producing the finest Tahitian Pearls is second-to-none and this is due to the care they take, protecting the oysters from turtles, stingrays and sharks, as well as regularly cleaning them and making sure they live in perfect lagoon temperatures, away from storms.

The Pearls are allowed to grow for a minimum of 21 months, whereas most farms would only wait 18 months. Their immense skill and experience means that Maruata can farm their oysters for several seasons, giving a larger Pearl at each harvest.

Tahitian Pearls are eternally sophisticated, giving an exotic yet elegant look, fit for any occasion. Find your perfect Tahitian Pearl here.

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