5 Remarkable Gemstones We Source From the Far East

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The Far East, a region rich in history and culture, has long been a source of some of the world's most coveted gemstones. From the lush valleys of Myanmar to the rugged mountains of China, these lands offer an array of dazzling jewels that have captivated the imaginations of collectors, traders, and royalty for centuries.  

Each gemstone, whether a lustrous Pearl, a vibrant Ruby or an exquisite Jade, carries tales of ancient civilisations and artistic mastery. In this article, we will highlight some of the most remarkable and enchanting gemstones that the Far East has to offer.


Fluorite Jewellery

Fluorite, known for its range of colours and captivating fluorescence, is a gemstone that has captured the hearts of many. Predominantly sourced from China, one of the world's largest producers, Fluorite can be found in an array of vibrant shades, including purple, green, blue, and yellow. This gemstone is not only admired for its beauty but also for its unique optical properties, which allow it to glow under ultraviolet light.

In the past, people used Fluorite for both ornamental and practical purposes, from intricate carvings to its use in early metallurgical processes. Various cultures believe the gem to have healing properties and an ability to aid decision-making. Its fascinating crystal formations and the play of colours make it a favourite among gem enthusiasts, confirming its place as a cherished gemstone from the Far East. 


Bang Kacha Yellow Sapphire

Found predominantly in regions such as Sri Lanka, Sapphires are valued for their stunning beauty and rarity. While blue is the most famous colour, Sapphires can occur in a spectrum of shades, including pink, green, and yellow (pictured above).

Historically, Sapphires have been associated with wisdom and royalty, often adorning the crowns and jewellery of past and present royals. The allure of Sapphire also lies in its remarkable durability, making it a favourable choice for a timeless piece of fine jewellery.


Indonesian Seed Pearl

Often referred to as the "Queen of Gems," Pearls are a symbol of elegance and purity. Japan is renowned for its high-quality Akoya Pearls, celebrated for their lustrous sheen and uniqueness.

Pearls are highly regarded worldwide, adorning royalty and used in ceremonial garments and jewellery, and they are often associated with wisdom and serenity. In regions like Indonesia, Japan and China, Pearl cultivation is an intricate and delicate process perfected over centuries; today, they remain a timeless treasure, appreciated for their natural beauty and charm.


Ratanakiri Zircon

Ratanakiri Zircon, hailing from the lush province of Ratanakiri in Cambodia, is a gemstone of extraordinary brilliance and charm. Widely desired for its vivid blue hues – despite forming in other colours, too – Ratanakiri Zircon is often mistaken for other enchanting blue stones such as Topaz and Sapphire.  

This gem stands out for its exceptional clarity and intense sparkle, which have made it a favourite among enthusiasts and collectors. It has been prized for its metaphysical properties and associations with protection, and its rich deposits from Cambodia have solidified Ratanakiri's reputation in the gemstone market.


Jade Bangle

Jade, revered for its striking beauty and profound cultural significance, holds a special place in the heart of the Far East. This precious stone, predominantly found in China and Myanmar, comes in two distinct types: Nephrite and Jadeite. Although found in other colours, Jade is known for its rich green hues and has been cherished for thousands of years. It is often referred to in China as the 'Stone of Heaven'.  

Ancient Chinese artisans skillfully crafted Jade into intricate carvings, necklaces and other jewellery, and ceremonial objects, a tradition that continues today. The gem is believed to offer healing properties and bring good fortune, making it a timeless treasure in ancient and modern cultures.



The gemstones of the Far East, each with its unique history and allure, offer a fascinating glimpse into this diverse region's rich cultural and natural heritage. From the imperial elegance of Jade and the royal splendour of Sapphire to the dazzling brilliance of Ratanakiri Zircon and the serene beauty of Pearl, these precious stones have captivated the hearts of people across the globe for centuries.  

Whether admired for their aesthetic appeal, cultural significance, or metaphysical properties, gemstones continue to enchant and inspire. The Far East remains a treasure trove of gems, each a testament to the enduring allure of nature's most exquisite creations.

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