How to Use Moonstone for Crystal Healing

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In crystal healing, few stones capture the imagination and spiritual essence quite like Moonstone. Known for its enchanting iridescence and glow, Moonstone has been cherished for centuries for its beauty and profound healing properties.  

This mystical gem has been revered by many since ancient times. So, for a versatile and powerful ally in your crystal healing journey, here is our guide to using Moonstone to its full potential.  


Loose Moonstone

From ancient civilisations to modern spiritualists, it is widely believed that Moonstone can harness the moon's energy, offering a unique and potent source of healing and transformation. 

The stone is often linked to the divine feminine and is thought to bring calm, balance, and intuition to its owner. So, whether you seek protection, inner growth, or emotional stability, Moonstone is the stone for you. 


Moonstone Ring

Wear it

Wearing Moonstone jewellery is believed to offer a multitude of metaphysical benefits. Its gentle, nurturing vibrations are said to both soothe stress and anxiety and harmonise hormonal cycles, supporting a woman's health and wellbeing.

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Place it on or around you during meditation

Whether in your hand or on a meditation alter, meditating with Moonstone is thought to significantly enhance your spiritual practice, providing a serene and tranquil energy that helps achieve a sense of relaxation. Its connection to lunar energy is believed to strongly align with the natural rhythms and cycles of life, fostering a profound sense of harmony and self-awareness.

Moonstone rings

Keep it by your bed at night

Having your Moonstone with you while you sleep is said to help you tap into its energy and benefits during your slumber. Its calming presence helps balance emotion, allowing for a more centred and peaceful sleeping experience.   


Moonstone Jewellery

It won't come as a surprise that moonlight is one of the best methods for cleansing your Moonstone. You should not expose it to direct sunlight, and always keep it away from harsh chemicals. But, because moonlight is so soft, any crystal can be charged under the night sky.  

To cleanse your Moonstone, simply leave it outside or near a window under the moonlight and ensure it remains dry the entire time. This will allow the lunar light to do what it does best and ensure your crystal is ready for use. 

For more information on how to charge your stones, read our blog on crystal cleansing

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Moonstone is a popular stone for crystal healing, and for good reason. Its metaphysical properties offer a range of benefits that can help a person feel calm, balanced, and protected. To learn more about the so-called 'Sacred Stone', read our blog about the history and magnificence of Moonstone.

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