5 Gemstones You Need in Your Summer Jewellery Collection

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When curating a jewellery collection, it is easy to stick to the classics. Having a favourite gemstone is also common, so maybe your jewellery box is filled with one particular style.  

But, with the arrival of a new season, there’s no better time to expand your collection with something new, exciting and stylish. So if you’re looking to add to your jewellery wardrobe, here are a few of our must-have stones for the summer season.



Tanzanite is an excellent gemstone to buy this summer, and is celebrated worldwide for its deep blue-violet hues. Its unique trichroism means that it can display different colours when viewed from different angles, which adds a mesmerising depth to any piece of Tanzanite jewellery.

Its single-location source adds to its rarity and allure—found in a Tanzanian mine that spans only 4km, this stone’s striking colour and limited availability make it a visually captivating choice for summer. 


Congo Tourmaline

Tourmaline is prized for its remarkable colour range, which spans every colour of the rainbow. Known for its vibrant and diverse palette, It can exhibit rich reds and pinks to deep greens and blues. Its versatility empowers you to create personalised and unique jewellery that reflects your individual style.

Found in various locations, such as Brazil and Africa, every region offers its own distinctive Tourmaline variety, each one as fascinating as the next. Its dynamic optical properties and enchanting colours make Tourmaline a worthwhile gemstone to add to your collection.  



Known as the ‘king of gemstones’, Ruby symbolises love and passion and is renowned for its vivid red colour. It ranges from a deep, rich crimson to lighter shades of almost pink due to the chromium inside the gem.

Its fiery brilliance and emotional significance make Ruby a sought-after stone among collectors. Some of the finest varieties are found in Myanmar, as well as Thailand, Sri Lanka and Madagacar, and the deep red ‘pigeon blood’ Rubies from Myanmar are one of the most desirable specimens. Plus, as one of the birthstones for July, Ruby is a true must-have for your summer collection. 



Often mistaken for Diamond due to its high refractive index and sometimes colourless appearance, Zircon is celebrated for its exceptional brilliance and fire. Its diverse range of colours includes vibrant blues, yellows, reds, and greens, and it’s a dazzling addition to any jewellery collection. 

Beyond its visual appeal, Zircon is also appreciated for its significant history, which dates back around four billion years. The stone has been around since the planet formed, adding a sense of ancient allure to its already visible charm. 



Turquoise is an outstanding gemstone to consider adding to your summer collection. It is cherished for its captivating sky-blue to greenish-blue hues, which evoke the serene beauty of tropical waters and summer skies. This opaque gem, often interspersed with the intricate veining of its host rock, creates unique patterns that add to its visual appeal and individuality. 

Iran, Egypt, China, and the United States are major sources of Turquoise, and various cultures have revered it throughout history for its protective and healing properties. It is the perfect stone for adding a splash of elegance to your summer collection. 

Fancy something different? If these five gemstones don’t take your fancy, shop our full gemstone jewellery range to build your perfect summer collection.

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