3 Ways to Style Your Pink Diamond Jewellery

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Are you looking to style your Pink Diamond jewellery for summer? 

Trends may come and go, but few things are more timeless and luxurious than a piece of Diamond jewellery. Diamonds offer an extensive amount of cuts, colours and shapes for endless styling possibilities, and Pink Diamonds only scratch the surface. 

Pink Diamonds are scarce, and even more so now that Australia's Argyle Mine (which produced around 90% of the world's supply) is closed. But, if you are lucky enough to have one of these rose-coloured sparklers in your collection, here are a few ways to style it to perfection. 


Pink Diamond Rings

One of the best ways to style a piece of jewellery is to match it with similar shades. Other pink gemstones, such as Morganite, provide a secondary rosy tone that will sit harmoniously alongside your Pink Diamond and accentuate its lustre. 


Pink & Yellow Diamond Jewellery

If the pink of a Pink Diamond is enough for you, don't be afraid to experiment with other colours and gemstone pieces! 

Pink Diamond is a versatile gemstone that can be combined with many other pieces of jewellery. A colour like yellow works exceptionally well with pink to form a bright and cohesive look, but spend as much time as you need playing around with different pieces to find what works for you.

There's no wrong answer regarding colour – so have fun with it! 


Natural Pink Diamonds

Whether you're wearing an everyday basic or a special occasion look, it's crucial to ensure your outfit complements your Pink Diamond. For example, if you enjoy wearing bright colours, pink is compatible with hues like yellow and red. Additionally, if you have a Pink Diamond statement necklace you want to show off, consider the neckline of your shirt or dress to make sure it sits correctly. 

Pink Diamonds offer a timeless look perfect for summer, and their impressive durability allows for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Pink Diamonds 

To add one of these rare and rosy stones to your collection this season, explore our collection of Pink Diamond jewellery. You can also browse the rest of our pink gemstone jewellery to find your perfect shade. 

Fancy a different Diamond? If pink isn't your colour, why not shop our full range of alternative coloured Diamonds.

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