How to Care for an Opal Ring

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With its glorious lustre and fascinating history, Opal is one of the most desirable gemstones on the planet - but it’s also one of the most delicate. 

Knowing how to care for an Opal can be tricky. It is incredibly porous and will absorb water, and it is vulnerable to extreme temperatures. So, how do you keep it looking its best? 

Caring for an Opal ring is the same as caring for any other piece of Opal jewellery. But rings are often exposed to the most damage compared to other types of jewellery, particularly when it comes to harsh chemicals and accidental knocks and scrapes.

So, if you own an Opal ring (or any piece of Opal) that you need help keeping pristine, here is our simple guide to caring for it. 


Opal & Tsavorite Ring


Keep it stored separately from other gemstones

An Opal measures 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, and more durable stones like Diamonds or Rubies can easily scratch it. So, it’s best to store it away from your other gemstone pieces when you aren’t wearing it.

For long-term storage, keep your Opal in a dark place (like a jewellery box or cabinet) and consider placing it in a sealed plastic bag with cotton wool and a few drops of water. This will prevent it from drying out and potentially cracking. 

Use the ‘first and last’ rule

Opal Rings

To keep your Opal looking its best, particularly an Opal ring, make it the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night. It is a general rule for Pearls, but the same principle applies to Opals.  

Adhering to this rule will protect your jewellery from exposure to potentially harmful materials and chemicals, such as hairsprays, lotions, and perfumes. 

Remove it before cleaning, gardening or exercising

Even our sweat can harm the appearance of our gemstones over time, and exposure to moisture can cause your Opal to lose its shine. Plus, the stone can get easily damaged from a knock or scrape, so it’s best to keep it away from cleaning or gardening tools. 

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Expose it to extreme temperatures

Despite containing up to 20% water, Opals can become brittle when exposed to heat. They can even crack when dry or under extreme temperatures for too long. So, it’s important to never store them on a windowsill or anywhere with high levels of steam, like a bathroom. 

Expose it to too much water

Opals are vulnerable to copious amounts of water, and certain varieties such as Ethiopian Opal will start to lose their colour if they absorb too much. 

Opal Rings in Water

As they contain a small percentage of water, solid Opals can withstand a little moisture without getting damaged. However, they should never be completely soaked or submerged. 

So, if you have a favourite Opal ring, always remove it before doing the washing up! 

Clean it without doing your research

Before cleaning your Opal, always look into the kinds of methods it can withstand. Delicate stones like these should never be subjected to ultrasonic or other harsh cleaning techniques, and abrasive chemicals or oils should never be used.

Peacock Opal Jewellery  

A safe way to clean an Opal is to use a mild detergent with room-temperature water and a soft toothbrush or cloth to remove dirt. Clean it gently, and ensure any residue is removed before storing it.  

For more information on how to clean your Opal or any other gem in your collection, read our blog on properly caring for your gemstones. 

Opals take no more looking after than any other gemstone – they simply require a more specific level of care. So, don’t let these dos and don’ts put you off owning a jewellery piece like an Opal ring, because its unique fire and timeless beauty make it a must-have stone in any collection.

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