5 Ways to Use an Aquamarine Crystal for Healing

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With its mesmerising blue hue, Aquamarine has captured the hearts of the world for thousands of years. It's been admired since ancient times and is thought to bring luck, health and happiness to those who possess it.

Aquamarine is a popular crystal for healing for many different reasons. Here, we look at how to use this clear, blue-green gem in your own healing practices.


Crystal cleansing

It's said that all crystals must be cleansed before use, which can be done using anything from sunlight to sound. Before you start, always research which cleansing method your crystal can withstand. For example, opt for another method if it is vulnerable to water.

However, we recommend cleansing Aquamarine with water. After all, it does have strong aquatic associations! To purify your Aquamarine, dip it in a bowl of plain water or briefly hold it under running water; rough or natural gemstones should never be completely submerged.

As an alternative method, you can use moonlight to cleanse your crystal. Moonlight is much softer than sunlight and, therefore, much safer. Simply place your crystal outside or near a window that exposes it to the lunar light. Ensure it remains dry and untouched constantly, and leave it there for a few hours.

For more information, read our blog on how to cleanse and purify your crystals.



Although there is no scientific evidence linking crystals to our overall wellbeing, using them in meditation is thought to deepen one's connection to the mind, body, soul, and the earth underneath us.

It's said that the gentle vibrations of Aquamarine help silence intrusive thoughts, paving the way for a deeper meditation experience. So, if focus and peace are things you are looking to achieve in your practice, Aquamarine may help.


Aquamarine Jewellery

Aquamarine is considered a stone of courage and is said to bring balance and symmetry to a person’s life. So, wearing it could potentially have a profound effect on your overall wellbeing.

For centuries, Aquamarine has been used as a talismanic stone of protection and has long been associated with wellness and joy. Wearing this gem is also said to:

  • Cleanse evil thoughts

  • Offer stability

  • Boost self-confidence

  • Reduce stress

  • Bring good fortune

So, having an Aquamarine stone on your person could be said to enrich your life in ways you would never expect. Plus, it’s a beautiful gemstone to have set into jewellery!

To find your next piece, explore our radiant selection of Aquamarine jewellery.



Aquamarine has been used for its beauty for years, and is often seen alongside other crystals as a decorative piece inside homes and office spaces. This aqua-coloured gem is widely believed to be a stone of protection that can evade negative energies, making it an ideal stone for your home.

But, aside from being an aesthetically pleasing choice of décor, Aquamarine is thought to create a sense of balance and peace, which makes it a thoughtful housewarming gift for a loved one.


Crystals for Sleep

Due to its associations with water, it is no surprise that Aquamarine is widely renowned for its calming connotations. It has long been used to bring spiritual healing, as well as to protect its owner from bad luck and misfortune.

As a result, Aquamarine is thought to soothe a person while they sleep and offer them a more peaceful slumber.

Aquamarine has been a consistently popular choice for gemstone enthusiasts worldwide. Its associations with peace and harmony make it hugely desirable as a healing crystal; plus, its stunning blue hue and eye-clean clarity create the most beautiful and high-quality jewellery, solidifying its worthwhile place in anyone’s collection.

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