Which Gemstones Are the Most Valuable Investments for 2024?

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Gemstones are not only beautiful and magical things to own, but they also make for pretty solid investments.

If you are searching for something beautiful and valuable to invest in in 2024, we will always recommend gemstones!


We spoke to one of our in-house gemstone experts, Toby Cavill, to explain why gemstones can make suitable investments. Toby has spent the best part of two decades in the gemstone industry and gained a profound knowledge of the gemstone market during that time.

Speaking of the value of gemstones, Toby said:

"Gemstones offer a unique investment opportunity due to their tangible nature and historical significance.

"Unlike traditional investment assets such as stocks and bonds, gemstones are not subject to the same market fluctuations. They serve to preserve the value of liquid assets and can be considered a long-term investment.

"Moreover, gemstones have the potential to yield lucrative returns over time."

Steve Bennett

So, with all the precious and colourful gemstones out there, where do you start? Here, we recommend a few popular stones among collectors right now and gems currently in demand.

Please note: Investing is a serious financial decision. We pride ourselves in providing expert-level information on gemstones and jewellery, but we always recommend that you conduct your own thorough research and consult a financial expert before making any investments.




According to Toby, the so-called 'Big Four' (Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald) are always popular for investment gemstones. Coloured gemstones like Ruby and Sapphire have experienced a 6-8% increase in value per year; this steady growth and their breathtaking physical appearance make them an attractive option for investors.

Burmese Ruby and Kashmir Sapphire are among some of the most desirable Ruby and Sapphire varieties right now, so if you would like to add either of these gemstones to your collection in 2024 and beyond, these are the two types we would begin with.



Like the Big Four, a gem that we would always encourage people to invest in is Pearl.

Pearls are the true miracle of the sea. However, with climate change's impact on our oceans, obtaining high-quality Pearls is becoming increasingly difficult. Pearl is a timeless gemstone that is always in fashion, and with the everchanging environmental conditions impacting their formation, the best time to invest in a Pearl is always right now.



As a single-location gemstone, Tanzanite is undoubtedly a valuable stone for investment. Found only at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, in an area spanning just a few kilometres, it is assumed that the Tanzanite mine will be exhausted in the not-too-distant future.

Tanzanite is currently popular among investors, and for good reason. The gem has gained tremendous popularity since its discovery in 1967, and we are sure that this will only continue to be the case.


Congo Multi Tourmaline

Tourmaline exists in all colours of the rainbow and is found in many parts of the world. However, with rarity comes value, and the rare Paraiba variety of Tourmaline is something to be marvelled. This variety comes in a magnificent blue-green colour due to the presence of copper, and it is said that for every 10,000 Diamonds only one Paraiba Tourmaline is found.

Tourmaline's rarity, beauty, and colour options have attracted collectors since its discovery, and it has truly captured the hearts of investors worldwide.

As a long-term investment, gemstones do not fluctuate as much as stocks or bonds. Natural gemstones are more suitable investments due to their authenticity and allure, but we always recommend doing further research before making a definitive purchase.

Explore our selection of genuine gemstone jewellery to start your gem investment journey.

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