Toby Cavill Reveals the Gemstone Secrets of Tucson 2024

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The Tucson Gem Show is the biggest gemstone trade show of the year, and the 2024 show was just as extravagant!

Jake Thompson, Toby Cavill, Dave Troth and Hattie Houston all attended the show this year, and they returned to us armed with a whole host of industry secrets and gemstone knowledge to bring back to you, our customers.


Tucson Cactus

Every winter, Arizona's city of Tucson welcomes over 60,000 people worldwide to buy, sell and trade the most enticing gemstones and minerals. This year, the Tucson Gem Show celebrated its 50th anniversary, and we at Gemporia are lucky enough to have our gemstone experts attend this gem show every single year.

Toby has attended countless trade shows as a gemstone expert, and he is more than familiar with the exciting surprises that Tucson always brings. So, we asked him to reveal the secrets of the 2024 show – and he certainly delivered!


Toby Cavill

Toby viewed the 2024 Tucson Gem Show as one that showcased how the industry has managed to make its way through some of the toughest economic challenges to date, and it highlighted how the gemstone world has bounced back following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking of the show itself, he said:

"The 2024 Tucson Gem Show emerged as a pivotal event, capturing the industry's resilience amidst the pandemic and economic trials, which have broadly driven up gemstone prices.

"We don't buy [our gemstones] from Tucson, but this year we have some really exciting new gemstones on the way!"

From his experience in Tucson, Toby gained some valuable insight into the current gemstone market, which gemstones are particularly in demand and the changes being made in how these gemstones are sourced.

Revealing some of the main focuses of the show, Toby said:

"The show highlighted an intensified interest in distinctive and superior gems like Zircon, Spinel, Blue and Teal Sapphires, American-mined Turquoise, Ruby and Tourmaline.

"This trend underscores a growing market appetite for gems that are not only rare but also ethically sourced, forecasting a year where such values are increasingly central to the gemstone market dynamics."

Our gemstone experts

Although the Tucson Gem Show isn't our primary buying source, it heavily influences the products that we bring to you at home! This year is special for us at Gemporia as we celebrate our 20th year in business, and Toby has expressed his excitement about what our customers can expect in 2024.

Talking about what's coming up this year, he said:

"Brand-new varieties of gemstones that we haven't seen before!

"We will also be bringing some brand-new cuts and carvings, as well as new collaborations with new experts. I can't give too much away, but stay tuned for an epic 20th year at Gemporia!"

Gemporia customers can expect a wide variety of surprises and launches throughout 2024. If you are a regular GemsTV viewer, you will have seen Toby live in the studio discussing all kinds of unique gemstones - but this doesn't mean he doesn't have his favourites!

Toby, Dave and Jake speaking to a vendor at the Tucson Gem Show

When asked about what he is most looking forward to showing our customers, he said:

"I'm particularly excited about showcasing a diverse and exquisite selection of gemstones from around the world. Bringing pieces that feature the deep, soulful purples of African Amethysts, the kaleidoscope brilliance of Australian Opals, and the lush, vibrant greens of Colombian Emeralds, to name a few.

"These gemstones are not just visually stunning; they bring with them stories of their origins, connecting wearers to the far-flung corners of the globe.

"I love my collections to appeal to those who seek beauty and rarity, as well as those interested in the tales and history behind their jewellery. Just watch this space, as 2024 is going to be a big one!"


Toby is extremely excited to bring many spectacular gemstones to the studio throughout 2024, and he's clearly gained a lot of insight from the 2024 Tucson Gem Show.

Gemstone bead strands

So, what's his overall forecast for the upcoming year?

"Based on the insights from the Tucson Gem Show and current industry trends, my 2024 gemstone forecast for the UK market emphasises the growing allure of Pearls, Opals, Spinels and Zircons," Toby said.

"These gemstones stand out for their unique beauty and versatility, appealing enormously to designers and collectors alike. There's also a noticeable shift towards finished jewellery, indicating a demand for pieces that are ready to wear. This trend reflects a deeper consumer interest in distinctive, high-quality gemstones and crafted pieces that embody aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship.

"The year ahead promises a blend of innovation and tradition, with a spotlight on ethically sourced and uniquely captivating gemstones, setting the stage for a dynamic and exciting market landscape."

Gemstone Parcels

The Tucson Gem Show brings with it not only the world's finest gemstones, but also valuable insight into the industry itself and the trends that we can expect for the upcoming year.

We are privileged to have in-house experts like Toby Cavill attend the show, and we always welcome his expertise when sourcing, creating and revealing the genuine gemstone jewellery that we are proud to offer our customers every single day.

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