From Designer To Guest: Introducing Suzie Menham

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You may have seen her appear on our partner channel, JewelleryMaker – but now, she’s coming to us!

Allow us to introduce the wonderful Suzie Menham!

Suzie Menham

Suzie is currently a Guest Designer on JewelleryMaker, but also designs and makes bespoke jewellery for a number of different clients – plus, she has quite the fascination with crystals!

We’re extremely excited for Suzie to appear in our studios soon – particularly because she is launching a brand-new collection! So, ahead of her appearance, we caught up with Suzie to learn a little bit more about who she is, how she became a lover of gemstones, and what she’ll be bringing to you during her time as a guest with us.

Hi Suzie! First of all, for those who may not know you – can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What exactly is it that you do?

“I’m currently a GD on JewelleryMaker, but I design and make bespoke jewellery centred around high-end Pearls to private clients as my main business, as well as selling jewellery based around wellbeing using the power of healing gemstones – it's a huge personal passion of mine!”

Suzie Menham and Lindsay Carr

Gemstone and crystal healing is such a fascinating concept, and definitely deserves further research! So, how long have you been involved with the concept of crystals and crystal healing?

“Gosh! Probably my entire life - as soon as I was born I was given a piece of Jadeite to wear, and I remember always knowing about gemstones having certain traits for helping you in your daily life…that came from my mum and her family.

“That really was the springboard for my fascination with gemstones generally, not necessarily as high-end jewellery – though they are beautiful in jewellery – but understanding their mineralogy and the formation process they undergo over hundreds of millions of years. All of this determines their unique vibrational energies and beauty.

“So, from probably around the age of six, I would spend my pocket money on tumbled stones and collect them. I remember finding a Rose Quartz when I lived in Cyprus as a child, and ever since I have had a special bond with this gem which started my journey into the world of crystals and gemstones.”

Rose Quartz

This is such a beautiful story, Suzie! Clearly you have a particular adoration for Jadeite and Rose Quartz, but do you have a personal favourite?

“Three in particular - amongst lots! But I have always had an affinity to Rose Quartz as I found a piece as a child, and I still have it in my dad’s attic! It helps with unconditional and self-love, and it’s always a gemstone I recommend to everyone!

“Also, Jade. I have grown up with this gemstone my entire life and for me, this is my oxygen as a gemstone. There aren’t enough words to explain why it’s such an important gem to own.

“Finally, Pearls – it’s probably why I chose this gem to build a business around! To me, Pearls are so uplifting; they generate such positivity in a way no other gem can compete with, so everyone needs to own Pearls.

“But I love and adore all gemstones. I may be drawn to different ones at certain times, so this is why I make sure I have them all!”

Pearl Collection

We're always happy to welcome a guest who shares our passion for gemstones! So, this is the first time that customers are seeing you on our channel – what made you decide to showcase your expertise at Gemporia?

“I love Gemporia and what it represents. The core ethos is to make beautiful jewellery affordable to everyone - it’s not elitist, and it brings the beauty and affordability of the most beautiful jewellery to us all.

“If I can be a part of this, I couldn’t be prouder!”

That’s so wonderful to hear, Suzie, and we’re so excited to showcase your first collection! What can you tell us about it? What can our audience expect?

“I design and create bespoke, one of a kind, high-quality Pearl jewellery to private clients who demand not only the best quality but also unique designs, and who are happy to pay thousands of pounds to add them to their personal collections. I want to offer this level of service to Gemporia and its customers, too.

“So, my first collection will be limited, but it encapsulates everything I do and what I love about Pearl jewellery. It starts with the most beautiful Pearls used in a unique and contemporary design that makes you feel on top of the world when you wear it!

“Pearls, Amethyst and Citrine – three beautiful gems that create a great sense of happiness and vitality! I’m so excited because it is also so versatile; you can wear the pieces to your black-tie event, or casually with a shirt and jeans.”

Pearl Jewellery

What a beautiful selection of gemstones! So, for your first collection, why did you choose Pearls?

"Well, it had to be Pearls – it’s my business gem for a start, and I adore Pearls. I want everyone to own some! They not only look wonderful, but they make you feel good, too! They are like a burst of Vitamin C in your diet!”

We couldn’t agree more! It sounds like your first collection has had a lot of effort and treasure go into it, which is amazing to hear. Do you have any other plans up your sleeve? What are your hopes for the future?

“I’m looking forward to bringing you shows with lots of knowledge and information about the wonderful benefits of gemstones generally, as well as jewellery relating to wellbeing. Watch this space!”

Suzie Menham is an extremely talented jewellery designer with a longstanding passion for gemstones, and we’re thrilled to officially introduce her to you! We're excited for Suzie to launch her very first collection with us, so make sure you watch live as she offers you the chance to purchase her brand-new pieces!

Suzie Menham will launch her brand-new Pearl collection on Gemporia at 8pm on Wednesday 28th February.

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