Our Best & Most Exclusive Jewellery Gift Ideas for Men

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Jewellery is an accessory that helps to bring an outfit together, and this concept rings just as true for men as it does for women. Men’s jewellery is becoming increasingly popular, and men around the world are constantly exploring new styles with jewellery, whether it be with chains, bracelets or earrings.

So, if you have a man in your life who enjoys experimenting with jewellery, here are our recommendations for something unique and exclusive to gift him.



Studs and hoops are consistently popular among men, and our wide range of metal and gemstone earrings leave you guaranteed to find something special for the man in your life.

For those wanting a little more luxury, we’d recommend our 9K Gold studs like these Ratanakiri Zircons. Alternatively, for something more colourful, we have a variety of other gemstones available such as this pair of Aquamarine earrings and these stunning Nampula Garnet studs.



Armwear is becoming increasingly popular among men, and make for excellent everyday staple pieces.

For a bold statement piece that can be styled with anything, this interlocking bracelet in 9K Gold offers the perfect solution. However, if a small clasp isn’t what you’re after for your gift, our wristwear comes with a range of clasps including the one on this T-bar bracelet in 9K White Gold.

If you're looking for a gift that’s a little more affordable, fear not! We also have an array of bracelets in both Sterling Silver and Midas (Gold Plated Sterling Silver) for the look of luxury without the high price. Complete with an intricate curb design, this Midas bracelet makes for a wonderful gift for any man, as does this Midas franco bracelet from the same collection. We also have Silver armwear for those who prefer it, such as this 19cm Sterling Silver bracelet with a unique and secure clasp.

Most of our wristwear for men comes from our Core Collection. To shop the rest of the collection, which includes earrings, rings and chains, click here.



Men have worn rings for centuries, most commonly as wedding rings. However, lots of men continue to wear rings as fashion statements, and often use them to bring an outfit together.

For a simple but stylish look we have a whole host of Gold and Silver rings, including this 9K White Gold band and this bespoke ring in 9K Yellow Gold. Each are made from solid Gold making them suitable for everyday wear, and adopt a simple aesthetic that’s easy to customise. For those on a tighter budget, we also have a similar design in both Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Silver.

These rings can be worn with anything, and can also be stacked with others to create a whole new style of the wearer’s choosing.



Chains, pendants and necklaces all make an ideal staple piece for anyone. So, for a special gift for your dad, husband, brother or another man in your life, we’d recommend this thick curb chain in 9K Gold. Alternatively, for the look of solid Gold without the price tag, this Midas cuban chain is both fashionable and budget-friendly.

To shop the rest of our Gold, Midas and Silver chains, click here. But if the man you’re buying for already has a chain, why not gift him a pendant to go with it?

If you’d like to stick with metal, we’d recommend this Gold Plated Sterling Silver pendant, complete with an intricate Minerva design for a little something special.

However, if you’re looking to gift a gemstone pendant, darker tones such as this Tiger’s Eye pendant or this Labradorite piece would offer something extra to an otherwise simple chain.



If statement jewellery like rings and chains isn’t their thing, why not try something completely different?

If the man in your life enjoys wearing a watch, this Malachite watch makes for a wonderful gift for any occasion. Complete with Gold Plating, stainless steel and a leather strap, it’s a durable and stylish everyday staple.

Alternatively, for something extra special, we’ve also got a range of cufflinks available for you to shop for a gift that not only looks stylish, but also serves a purpose.

Men can sometimes be difficult to buy gifts for, so we hope we’ve provided a little insight into the types of jewellery we think they will love to wear for years to come.

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