How to Layer Your Necklaces

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Which necklaces and chains go best together?

How many is too many?

Which piece do I start with?

These are just some of the many questions surrounding the art of necklace layering. It's an accessorising phenomenon that’s taken the fashion and jewellery industries by storm, and a trend we can fully get behind.

We encourage anyone to play around with styling their favourite pieces. But, if you’re looking to start stacking your jewellery and are unsure of where to start, we’ve created a helpful guide on how to layer your necklaces, as well as how to style them and keep them from getting tangled.


There are hundreds of ways to layer your necklaces

Choose a solid base

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to layering, then start small! Choose a firm base piece, then go from there.

You may want to begin with a shorter, more intricate necklace, then maybe add a slightly longer one with either a different design or a slightly different size. Then, if you feel like adding more, opt for a statement piece with a pendant or charm to tie it all together.

Mix up your lengths

The whole point of layering is to let every single piece have their moment in the sun – but if they’re all the same length, they can easily get hidden behind one another. So, to allow each piece to take centre stage, try and opt for both shorter and longer chains so they work together in harmony.

Add a focal point

Adding some kind of main detail can make your whole layering look shine. Whether it’s a pendant, a charm or a string of beads, a focal point draws the eye in to allow the admirer to explore the rest of your layered accessories.


It's easy for necklaces to get tangled, but there are ways to prevent it

There's nothing worse than trying to untie rows and rows of necklaces. So, to prevent hours of struggle, here are a few ways to keep your chosen chains apart.

Use different lengths

Like we said before, it's best to choose different lengths of chains for layering. Not only will this give each one room to share the spotlight, but they will also stay apart and not get tangled. Wearing necklaces that leave at least two or three inches of difference between each layer ensures that nothing is hidden, and each of your chosen pieces have their moment.

Use textures

Mixing textures can help separate your necklaces so you aren’t left with a jumbled mess when you go to take them off. Play around with different sized chains and incorporate one with larger links, or go for something different altogether and add some gemstone beads. You can’t go wrong with a string of Pearls!

Mix weights

Multiple light, thin, delicate chains are more likely to get tangled together. Opting for heavier necklaces on top of lighter ones can keep them securely in place, and stop the smaller ones from moving too much and descending into chaos.


So, you’ve chosen your pieces – how do you put them together? Here are a few pointers:

You can create your own layering style with just two necklaces

For the minimalist

If you’re wanting a style that’s layered, but not too layered, just use two! Two necklaces can still count as a layer, so celebrate the simple things and just pick a couple that you absolutely love. Also, if you feel like it, maybe make sure one has an extra bit of detail to act as an accent piece.

Layering doesn’t have to be complicated, and it can still fit within your personal style – the opportunities really are endless.

For the maximalist

If a bold, daring look is more your style, then why not pile up as many necklaces as you can? Experiment with designs and lengths, add gemstones and pendants, and don’t be afraid to mix your metals either – after all, rules were made to be broken!

Make your jewellery pieces work for you, and stack them to create the most stylish organised mess you’ll ever see.

Make it personal

For those who simply want their layering pieces to speak to them, why not add a few personal touches? If you’re looking for that one showstopping accent piece, use your favourite gemstone! It could be a stone in your favourite colour, or even your birthstone for that extra special touch. Alternatively, you can also add your own initial from the charms in our Molte collection.

Mix and match your lengths and textures to create your own signature style

However you choose to create your layers, play around with them and mix and match to your heart’s content. The most important thing to remember is that you choose a style that speaks to you.


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