Kimbie: A Q&A with Creative Director, Caroline

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We're just hours away from the second drop of our brand-new venture here at Gemporia, and it's being revealed by our own Creative Director for Fashion and Homewares, Caroline.

Caroline has been working extremely hard over the last few months to produce an exciting new brand: Kimbie. Kimbie combines the quality of gemstones with the beauty of fashion to be able to bring our customers a range of new products, including homewares, clothing and accessories.

So, how did Kimbie come about? We spoke to Caroline ahead of the first of Kimbie’s product launches on Friday 8th September, to get the low-down on how the brand came to be.

So, Caroline, what was the inspiration behind Kimbie?

“With 19 years of sourcing experience within the gemstone world and bringing beautiful jewellery from across the globe, I wanted to take this opportunity to create a brand that would enable us to expand this into gemstone-oriented homewares, clothing and accessories.

“The main focus was creating a brand that had the Gemporia customer at the heart of it. When thinking of the name, I wanted a name that linked back to gemstones and something sophisticated and classy to emulate the products.

"Diamond is found in Kimberlite, and it's the world’s most classic and well-known gemstone – so, I decided on Kimbie.”

Caroline has been working tirelessly to ensure Kimbie contains high-quality, affordable and impactful products

It all sounds so exciting! What can customers expect from the brand?

“I want this to be a brand that belongs to the customer. Kimbie should be something that everyone feels a part of, and a community that brings us all together in collecting beautiful products, creating inspirational homes and acquiring flattering, fashionable outfits.

“We are hugely excited for the big launch of Kimbie in November, and we can’t wait for you to see all our products on offer on Gemporia! We have so many stunning things coming such as Home Fragrance, Pearl Slippers and Gemstone-Encrusted Christmas Decorations, as well as Christmas gifts.

“I just hope everyone takes their chance to buy them, because our colleagues are all desperate for everything to arrive so they can buy for themselves!”

Everyone’s on the edge of their seats for this launch, Caroline, and it’s easy to see why! So what is it about Kimbie that most excites you?

“What most excites me? That’s really tough! We have so many beautiful products that it's really hard to choose. The new candle and diffuser ranges smell incredible, and we're shipping out free samples of our two biggest fragrances with Gemporia orders closer to the launch, so watch out for those! Everyone keeps walking past them and asking when they're arriving, so we can't wait to bring them to our customers.

“I see Kimbie as a collector’s club of beautiful gem-infused homewares and fashion, and a brand that has aspirational pieces. We have such exciting things like Quartz Dinner Servewear, Cashmere scarves with Pearl scarf pins, as well as gemstone board games and a beautiful scented home fragrance range of candles, diffusers and sachets to place around your home."

Candles are just one of the many exciting products to grace the Kimbie range

Wow, so many launches are taking place by the sounds of it! So what can you tell us about the next one?

“This week we have a Paua show. The story of Paua is so exciting; it gets its unique pattern from its life story, and the wavy nature of its colours echoes the rhythm of the ocean. It alternates in producing calcite, aragonite and conchiolin to form its outer shell when the tides change or the temperature drops - even a change in its diet will affect its striking colours!

"From our sourcing routes we have been able to create luxurious pens using Paua shell; we have also designed the Paua into fashion accessories, where one of our scarf rings is set with Paua as the statement feature. The are scarves also available to complete the look, and they make the perfect team and work with any outfit. Personally, I’d wear them with jeans and a plain shirt just to jazz things up a little! But, they would also look lovely draped around a long-sleeved top or jumper as we approach the autumn season.

“Scarves and scarf rings are a great way to update your wardrobe without having to buy a whole host of clothing, and we can’t wait to show you ours!”

We hope this gives you a little more insight into what Kimbie is, how the brand came to be, and what we have coming up for you here on Gemporia!

Join us for the launch of Kimbie’s new scarves and scarf rings on Friday 8th September, and keep checking back for more upcoming Kimbie launches.


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