Genuine Gems: Answering the Questions We’re Asked the Most

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From presenters to lapidarists, we’ve quizzed a lot of people on the Gemology Hub over the years. However, it's not often that we're the ones in the hot seat!

Over the last couple of years, we’ve received a lot of questions about how we operate as a business, how we source natural gemstones and, most commonly, how we’re able to keep our prices so low.

So, we’re putting your most burning questions into one single article, in the hopes that we will be able to teach you a little more about how we work here at Gemporia and give you the answers you’ve been searching for.

So, let’s dive in!


Mine to market


Our head office is based on the outskirts of Birmingham in the West Midlands, and we also have an operational site in Jaipur, India. India is the home of our Ladies Cutting School, which is where many of our gemstones are cut and polished ready for setting.


We do!

Gemporia has been a 75% employee-owned business since 2017. This means that we all have a stake in the company and are all company partners, so we each have an equal share in the business we help to run. It's an uncommon practice, but multiple companies such as John Lewis successfully adopt the same model.

As for the remaining 25%, our founder Steve Bennett and his family continue to own their own shares.


TV studio

To put it simply, our main goal at Gemporia has always been to make genuine gemstones and jewellery accessible for everyone. We believe that jewellery should be natural, authentic and by no means mass-produced; so, we use our contacts in the gemstone industry to bring you products that are not only responsibly sourced, but also at a price that suits your budget.

There are multiple ways to purchase from us, whether that’s via our website, TV channel or various social media platforms. Buying through Instagram, TikTok or our website adopts the same method as any other online retailer – however, our TV buying process is slightly different as the cost of each piece shown constantly drops whilst it's on air.

But don’t let this put you off getting in early! No matter what the cost of the item is when you call to place your order, everyone pays the final low price.

Our TV channel broadcasts 24/7, with live shows from 7am to 11pm daily on the following channels:

Sky 665 | Freeview 45 | Virgin Media 755 | Freesat 805

For more information on how to purchase from us, click here.



The short answer? No!

Just like other businesses around the world, Gemporia experienced a tough financial year last year. The impact of various global issues has left many industries feeling the pinch, including ours – but rest assured we are still fully operational and consistently thriving!



Planet Earth and its jewels ensure the continuation of our business, so we consider it a priority to preserve our world in any way we can.

We are constantly working towards our sustainability goals here at Gemporia, and we’ve hit a few big milestones already! We are officially a Carbon Neutral business, we’ve made the switch to eco-friendly packaging, and 75% of our Gold jewellery is currently recycled. We’re also pledging to make this 100% by 2026!

With climate change being an ever-growing global issue, we’re taking the necessary steps to responsibly source our gemstones from ethical mines. For example, our Canadian Diamonds are sourced from the ice in the Arctic Circle, meaning we can make sure that the land is returned to its original state. Plus, our jewellery designs are always created based on the gemstones we find, so nothing goes to waste.

As well as this, we are always working to improve the conditions of both the mines we use and the remote areas that surround them. Through the work of our independent charity, The Bennett Foundation, we have been able to improve the conditions of the Csarite mine in Turkey and plant two trees for every single one we fell.

When it comes to sustainability, we know there are still areas of our business that can be improved – but, we are taking every step to give back to nature and preserve its beauty.

For more information on how we’re looking to make Gemporia more ethical, read our sustainability blog.


Burmese Ruby

We get a lot of questions like this, and because our prices are consistently competitive we can understand why. Our accessible pricing can often raise suspicions that our gemstones aren't authentic; so, for anyone who may not be familiar with how our business works, we can reveal that it's our unique mine-to-market strategy which enables us to bring you natural and affordable gemstones.

Our decades of building industry connections have allowed us to have a consistently affordable buying process. We source directly from mines due to our professional and personal relationships with mine owners and gemstone buyers, so we save ourselves (and you) money by cutting out the middlemen and any unnecessary costs when it comes to sourcing our stones.

Because of this, we are pleased to be able to save you more than 53% on Diamonds alone – and that's without considering all the other gemstones in our vault! So, no matter how ‘cheap’ or ‘low-cost’ you consider your jewellery piece to be, be sure that it is never due to it being of a lesser quality – it’s entirely the result of our unique business practices.

For a step-by-step guide on how we’re able to bring you high-quality gemstones that are still affordable, read our blog on our gemstone buying process.


Genuine gemstone jewellery


Gemstones are precious items and must be treated as such. Therefore, when they aren't being worn, it’s best to keep them safe in a bag or box and separate from each other to prevent scratches.

When it comes to gemstones, the general method to keep them clean and shiny is lukewarm soapy water and a dry, lint-free cloth. This is an easy method for most gemstones, but it’s not suitable for every single one out there. Opals, for example, cannot be exposed to heavy amounts of water or heat, and so must be treated with the utmost care.

For more information on which cleaning methods are best for your gemstone, read our blog on gemstone jewellery care.


Of course! Every single one of our gemstones are completely natural and have been acquired from Mother Nature herself – and our Diamonds are no exception.

Every gemstone we buy is lab-tested to ensure its authenticity, and every piece you purchase is complete with a GIA-certified card to inform you of your gemstone's origin, properties and treatments.



Some can, yes!

Colour changing is an uncommon phenomenon, which makes colour-change gemstones automatically rare. Under different varieties of light, various gemstones can appear in different colours, such as:


Temperature also has a hand in how gemstones change colour. The hues of a gemstone like the ones mentioned above can change depending on heat, such as the warm light from a lamp or candle.


All of them – why not?

In all seriousness, we think all gemstones are beautiful in their own way – but if you’re overwhelmed by the amount there is out there, here are a few places to start:

Your birthstone

One of the things we love about jewellery is that it can be personal, so why not start with your birthstone? It's a great piece to start a jewellery collection with, and they make for wonderful gifts.

Your favourite colour

If there’s a particular hue that you gravitate towards, why not build your collection on that particular colour? A lot of gemstones also come in more than one colour, too, so you’re truly spoilt for choice with this one!

The rare and the wondrous

Some gemstones are hugely rare, and they won’t be around forever. So, investing in a piece that’s rare and will ultimately increase in value in the future is never a bad idea. Argyle Diamonds from Australia’s now-closed Argyle mine is an obvious choice, as the supply is rapidly diminishing. Plus, one-location stones such as Tanzanite are likely to run out in the next generation; we don’t know how much of the Tanzanite mine has been exhausted, nor do we know how much more can be sourced.

Gemstone pouch

We always strive to be as transparent as possible for our customers, not only when it comes to our gemstones but also with how we operate - so we hope this article has given you a little more insight into us at Gemporia and our gemstones. It's a combination of our business practices and our audience that makes us unique, and we are privileged to spend every day providing you with Mother Nature’s gifts.


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