Congo Malachite

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Congo Malachite has been used in the collections of many well-known jewellery brands due to its unique and captivating patterns, and has been revered throughout history for its striking green hues and natural beauty. At Gemporia, we take great pride in providing you with the same exceptional quality of Congo Malachite – but at a fraction of the cost!

The swirling greens and blacks of Congo Malachite emulate the world around us, and only increases its beauty, quality and value. It's cultural significance goes back centuries; Ancient Egyptians believed Malachite to be a symbol of nature's abundance and used it in their jewellery, while the Greeks and Romans saw it as a stone of protection and healing.

Congo Malachite is the definition of natural beauty, and we hope this magnificent gemstone brings you joy and happiness for years to come. Find your future piece of Malachite jewellery here.

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