Viorelli: The Science of Light

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As we age, the volume of collagen in our skin decreases resulting in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

In recent years, handheld devices have allowed for non-invasive facial treatments that reduce these signs of ageing, and have transformed the beauty industry as a result.

This is where Viorelli comes in...



Viorelli is an affordable and non-invasive device that’s easy to use for effective and visible results. Plus, because it operates under the skin as opposed to on the surface, it can be used on any and all skin tones. As such, we consider it to be the future of the beauty industry.

The device uses light therapy to encourage the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, which are essential for maintaining healthy-looking skin. It's also said to repair damaged tissue and reduce pores, as well as accelerate blood circulation. This helps to remove the toxins in your skin and give your skin cells some much-needed nourishment.


Viorelli treats the skin using light therapy

Viorelli addresses your skin’s concerns using a five-in-one therapy that’s influenced by the Science of Light – an internationally recognised cosmetology technology that’s safe for skin care. The device uses different frequencies of light and colour to help reduce signs of ageing. For example, red has the highest wavelength and the lowest frequency, and violet has the lowest wavelength but the highest frequency.

Different colours have different wavelengths and frequencies, and different wavelengths penetrate different depths of the skin. The Viorelli device has three light modes: blue (very shallow depth), green (shallow depth) and red (deep depth).

Blue: Said to break the acne cycle and reduce blemishes. It also aims to smoothen and tighten the skin, and control oil production

Red: Said to improve skin radiance, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture and tone. Also encourages collagen production

Green: Said to help control hyper-pigmentation and spots caused by sun damage


Light therapy works to help reduce wrinkles and other signs of ageing

Viorelli uses a number of different technologies to help give you healthy and youthful looking skin in the safest way possible. Here, we explain just a few of the ways in which it does this:

Radio Frequency

RF devices use thermal energy that helps to firm and lift the skin. This energy is achieved using alternating high and low-frequency currents that penetrate the skin, which stimulates both collagen production and blood circulation.

Ultrasonic EMS

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) involves accelerating cell activity for tighter and toned skin. With EMS, your facial muscles are said to tone and tighten, resulting in the reduced appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.


Massage modes inside these non-invasive devices can have many benefits, including blood circulation and an increase in collagen production. These vibrations are also said to promote lymphatic drainage, resulting in a smoother skin texture.


Viorelli is non handheld, non-invasive and easy to use

Before using the device, always ensure that it’s fully charged and that your face is clean and dry. Apply a conductive gel to the skin first; any cream that is natural in content can be used as conductive gel – if you don’t yet have one, our CBD face cream and VISAGE skincare range both work extremely well.

When starting to use Viorelli, begin by having it on a low setting and gradually increase the intensity as needed. Treat one small area at a time, such as the cheek or forehead, and complete it fully before moving on to the next one. To make sure you’ve hit every area, work in an upward and outward motion for three minutes.



Can Viorelli be used on hands or other parts of the body?

Viorelli can be used on the face, neck, upper chest and potentially the backs of the hands.

How is the device powered?

The device is equipped with a charging base, power cable, user manual and warranty.

Is this safe to use if you have a skin condition, such as psoriasis or rosacea?

The machine has several features which can affect these conditions in different ways. For example, radiofrequency therapy is commonly used for skin tightening, and red light therapy can improve inflammation. However, this information is extremely general and individual responses may vary - so, always consult with a healthcare professional or dermatologist so your skin condition can be properly managed.

Viorelli is safe to use if you have a skin condition

Is there an age restriction?

It’s never too late to start caring for your skin! Alongside reducing the appearance of wrinkles, light therapy is also said to offer a range of other benefits including improved sleep.

It Viorelli okay to use if you have spots?

Yes! Blue light therapy is proven to help clear acne and reduce the appearance of spots.

Can this help with hair loss/receding hairlines?

Studies have shown that Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) can stimulate hair growth in both men and women, and red light therapy is said to be a safe and natural treatment option for increasing hair count and hair density.

Is it okay to use on face fillers?

Light therapy is proven to be safe for those with fillers, and should not impact Botox or any other chemical fillers. If anything, the encouragement of collagen production that comes with light therapy can naturally improve your skin and eliminate the need for injections. However, we'd always recommend consulting with your practitioner first.

Viorelli can be used on other parts of the body

How soon should you see a difference?

Some people notice subtle differences fairly quickly, but for others it may take 6 to 10 treatments to start noticing differences. For some, it may take up to 30 days.

When is it best to be used?

Anytime! We recommend using it up to three times per week to reap the full benefits, and to leave at least one day between uses to allow your skin to rest, breathe and rejuvenate.

Does it reduce freckles?

Although not proven to eliminate them completely, light therapy is known to reduce the appearance of freckles.

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