Gems Uncut: June 2023

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Refer a friend to get a discount for them, and for you!

Does your best friend love jewellery just as much as you do? Then why not refer them to a special discount from us, and you can receive one too!

To redeem your prize, all you have to do is:

  • Register and share your unique offer with a friend via email, Facebook or in person – and the best part? You can share it with as many friends as you like!

  • Your friend will receive a special discount which can be redeemed when they place their first order with us.

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Pearl jewellery is a true summer staple

Pearl is one of the oldest and most desired gemstones on the planet. Unlike most gems, Pearls are organically formed in the sea, and this alongside its rich and fascinating history make it one of the most spectacular stones in the world.

The birthstone for June, Pearls come in all shapes, sizes and colours, making them extremely versatile and perfect for jewellery.

"The Pearl is the Queen of Gems and the Gem of Queens.” - Grace Kelly


Occasion jewellery for summer

Occasion season is officially upon us – what are you celebrating this year?

Whether it’s a wedding, a graduation or a simple garden party, here are the perfect jewellery trends for any occasion.


June’s birthstone and a consistent favourite, Pearls are a timeless classic that are always in fashion.


Statement earrings

They frame your face like nothing else can, so why not go bold? Accessorising with statement earrings will instantly elevate your look – as well as turn some heads along the way!


Mixed metals

Who says you can’t? Mixing your metals is a huge trend right now, and we’re here for it. Whether it’s Gold and Silver or Rose Gold and Platinum, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t mix and match your metal jewellery to suit you.

Plus, for the finest Gold and Silver pieces, our Core Collection is the best place to start.



When we think of Sapphire jewellery, we often think of the stunning blue-stoned engagement ring worn by the Princess of Wales. However, Sapphire offers a mixture of colours – so if blue isn’t for you, there’s plenty to choose from!

Summer is the perfect time to play around with coloured jewellery, so why not start with something colourful and precious?


For more advice on how to choose your occasion jewellery, read our blog all about how to style your pieces for a garden party.


Crystal Healer Lauren d'Silva

Just recently, we had the pleasure of having crystal healer Lauren d’Silva come to visit us here at Gemporia to tell us more about the work she does in the world of crystals.

Lauren has been working with crystals for over 20 years, and strongly encourages anyone and everyone to give their healing properties a try. This definitely won’t be the last we see of Lauren, as she’s not only given us an insight into crystals and their properties, but she’s also a good friend of our very own Lynn Jinks!

Lynn is a newly qualified crystal healer, and is about to launch her own crystal-inspired collection: Sundar. Sundar is launching very soon, so if you are looking to obtain more mindfulness and balance in your life, keep your eyes peeled for Lynn’s collection!



Sewing Street

In case you hadn’t heard of them before, Sewing Street is just one of our craft channels that cover all things stitching and sewing.

Headed up by our team of knowledgable presenters and guests, Sewing Street provides everything from live demonstrations to the best deals on craft supplies.

Sewing Street is live from 8am to 1pm, with a Yarn Lane show on Mondays at 12pm.


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