Earth Day 2023: 5 Ways We're Making Gemporia Sustainable

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Businesses account for a huge amount of the UK’s total Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, or our ‘Carbon Footprint’. Therefore, when it comes to tackling climate change, corporate action must be taken.

At Gemporia, we are committed to doing our part for the environment and, with the assistance of Carbon Neutral Britain, we have worked to achieve Carbon Neutral status. Working with Carbon Neutral Britain has allowed us to reduce and offset our emissions into various sustainability projects, with the intention of moving us away from the climate crisis we’re currently facing.

So, with today being Earth Day, there’s no better time to tell you all just how dedicated we are to protecting our planet – after all, it provides us with the stunning gemstones that we love bringing to you. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the miracle of Mother Nature, so here are just a few ways that we’re working to protect the world around us.

Recyclable and sustainable packaging

All our packaging is 100% recyclable

UK businesses account for a large percentage of our total carbon emissions. As a large corporation ourselves, we have worked to reduce our own environmental impact by adopting more sustainable working methods – and our packaging is no exception.

As well as using eco-friendly fabric pouches for your jewellery, we also use Kite Packaging to ensure your delivery arrives inside 100% recyclable materials. We want to make sure that our packaging has absolutely no place in landfill; so, once you receive your treasure, recycling the packaging helps to make our sustainability efforts extra worthwhile.

Responsibly sourced gemstones

We plan to source all our gemstones responsibly from ethical mines

Right from our company’s inception in 2004, ethics and people have been an integral part of everything we do here at Gemporia – and that hasn’t changed.

Our experienced gem hunters travel the world for gemstones that are only responsibly sourced from ethical mines. It's why we love sourcing Canadian Diamonds; not only are they undoubtedly beautiful, but they're mined from the the ice just south of the Arctic Circle. So, once the gemstones are sourced, the area can simply be re-filled with water, returning the land to its original condition. These Diamonds are 100% conflict-free, and are one of the cleanest, purest stones in the world.



We understand that mining can come with environmental repercussions, which is why we take steps to make sure that the processes surrounding these mining efforts are more sustainable. For example, in the Anatolia region of Turkey from which we source our Csarite®:

  • We plant two trees for every one we fell

  • We've helped to improve the Csarite® mine's conditions by equipping it with lighting, oxygen and Wi-Fi

  • We've helped to ensure the mine's workers are properly taken care of, and provided headtorches with trackers to monitor their location inside the mine

  • We've contributed to the building of an elementary school in the Anatolia region, and helping to fund a second school for handicapped children that's currently being built


We're aware that we still have a way to go in terms of our sustainability efforts, but we're continuing to take steps to make sure we're doing everything we can to make our business more ethical. Currently, 75% of our Gold jewellery pieces are made from recycled Gold, and we plan to increase this to 100% by 2026 - and this is just one of the many ways we're aiming to reduce both waste and energy consumption.


Using less, giving more

Regardless of the stone's appearance, we always have a place for it

When it comes to gemstones, we always prioritise beauty over carat weight, and enforce strict guidelines to offer genuine gemstone jewellery that's stylish, affordable and responsibly made.

It's no secret that there's a lot of waste in the jewellery industry; stones that are mis-shaped, have inclusions or don't make 'the cut' are often thrown away. At Gemporia, we're very passionate about reducing waste, and we believe all gemstones are beautiful in their own way - whether it's from their rich history or their unique look.

So, we design our jewellery for the sole purpose of accentuating the natural beauty of the gemstone, and we never thrown stones away because they aren't 'perfect' enough. Our selection of Baroque and Biwa Pearls are just one example of this.




Offsetting our carbon emissions

One of our carbon offsetting projects includes reforestation in Costa Rica

As we said before, we have worked closely with Carbon Neutral Britain to be able to channel our carbon emissions into various global offsetting projects. These projects are internationally certified, and have been carefully chosen based on the impact that they have around the world.

Carbon offsetting projects aim to support various areas in and around our planet, such as:

  • Education

  • Employment

  • Clean water

  • Local wildlife

  • Ecology

To give a few examples of how our own carbon emissions are being offset, we’re now helping to provide hydroelectric power in the Amazon Rainforest and wind farms in the Philippines. We are also aiding reforestation in Costa Rica, as well as woodland management in Yorkshire.

Reducing consumption in product delivery

We're looking to reduce our energy consumption in product delivery

Due to our unique and specific contacts in the industry, we’re able to work 'mine to market' - in other words, we control much of the process of making your jewellery pieces. So, from the minute the gemstone is mined to when your finished piece lands on your doorstep, we’ll have been there every step of the way.

From working with Carbon Neutral Britain, we were able to obtain our very own Carbon Emissions Report to identify the main areas of our business where we should reduce our carbon footprint. Our Carbon Emissions Report identified that our main emissions occurred from the energy consumption that comes with our product deliveries from international suppliers.

So, we made this a key area in our sustainability focus to ensure a permanent reduction in our carbon footprint. Now, when your order arrives, not only will you receive more ethically sourced gemstones, but the entire order process is environmentally friendly too.

By providing only responsibly sourced gemstones, switching to more eco-friendly packaging and reducing our energy consumption, we are taking conscious steps to reduce waste and reduce carbon emissions. We know that we aren’t perfect, and that there are always areas to improve upon, but reducing our carbon footprint is a goal we are 100% committed to.


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