Stories Carved Through Time: Collecting a Master’s Craft

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Last weekend, we brought out one of the finest and most unique events that we've ever had here at Gemporia. But, don't worry if you missed it! Because we have the information right here...

Stories Carved Through Time

Over the last 8000 years, some of the highest-quality gemstones ever found have been sourced from the depths of the Far East. But, out of all the stones obtained during this time, there’s one that stands tall and proud among the rest: Jadeite.

For as long as we can remember, Jadeite has been carved by the masters of the Far East; it’s a skill that’s been honed over thousands of years, and sports an incredible legacy that only a lucky few have been a part of.

Jadeite stones are carved with the most intricate detail, and the precision that goes into the symbolism within them is nothing short of miraculous. To own a Jadeite carving is considered the pinnacle of gemstone collecting, and the privilege we have of bringing nine of them to you is immense.

For more information, watch the below video of our gemstone expert Dave Troth explaining the significance of these Jadeite carvings:

These incredible Jadeite carvings are part of just one event that we've showcased here on Gemporia - so, if you're a gemstone enthusiast (or even if you're not!), we have special TV events every weekend showcasing some of the world's finest jewels.

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