Our Black Friday Bestsellers for 2022

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It's one of the largest sale events in the world, and we’re delighted to be a part of it!

To us, the only thing more special than bringing you affordable gemstone jewellery is being able to bring you EVEN MORE AFFORDABLE gemstone jewellery – and that’s exactly what we’re doing this Black Friday.

Although our Black Friday sale is sitewide, there are a select few jewellery categories on our website that we believe to be extra special, and we call these our Black Friday Bestsellers.

These bestsellers are perfect for a loved one, perfect for Christmas, and perfect for you. So, here are our bestsellers to get you started on your Black Friday journey.



Although we think all gemstones are beautiful, we genuinely believe you can’t go wrong with Diamonds. They’re timeless, meaning they never go out of style, and they’re a great investment – plus, they’re absolutely exquisite.

Whether they’re for yourself or a loved one, Diamonds make the perfect gift. But, don’t buy them on a whim! If you want a Diamond to cherish forever, as well as one to pass down to future generations, there are a few things to consider first.

To find out more about what to consider before purchasing Diamond jewellery, click here.

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It's no secret as to why Sterling Silver is the most common metal used in jewellery making: because it’s beautiful. Silver is such a versatile metal so it can be dressed up or down, and there’s just something about the way it shines in the sunlight.

We believe there’s a Silver jewellery piece out there for everyone – so allow us help you find yours.

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Classic and timeless, Gold never goes out of style. Whether it’s a traditional Yellow, an elegant White or a modern Rose, Gold is a precious metal that we love setting our gemstones into.

Our Gold jewellery is beautifully hand crafted, and we have a whole host of it on offer for you this Black Friday. Whether you’re looking for earrings, rings, necklaces or something completely different, we have a Gold piece for you.

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Arguably the most customisable piece of jewellery out there, rings are a great way to express your individuality. You can steal the show with show-stopping cocktail rings, or stack a range of smaller bands to create your own unique and personal style.

As one of our Black Friday bestsellers, we have a whole range of stunning gemstone rings to suit any style and taste. So, if it’s for yourself or for someone special, it’s the best Black Friday deal you can buy.

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Now, we know what you’re thinking: ‘Gemporia is spoiling us this Black Friday!’

However, as much as we’re excited to bring these Black Friday bestsellers to you, the truth is that this jewellery (plus more) is available all year round.

To start, grow or complete your jewellery collection, shop now.

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