The Season of Sentiment: How to Make Your Christmas Gift Personal

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Alongside the gathering of loved ones and celebrating Jesus’s birth, Christmas is a time for generosity and giving.

Sentimental gifts are a wonderful way of showing your love and appreciation for someone – plus, it allows the recipient to see how much thought has gone into their gift.

Here at Gemporia, we take pride in the fact that every single product we bring to you is completely unique. Whether it’s gemstones, fashion, beauty or homewares, we can assure you that you’re getting something that’s completely and utterly individual.

However, as well as each gemstone being different from the last, there are some special ways in which you can add your own extra touch of sentiment. So, if you’re looking to make a Christmas gift personal, here are some ways you can do it.



Being able to engrave something means that your loved one is getting a gift that’s absolutely unforgettable. It's personal, it’s touching and it’s from the heart – and lucky for you, we offer an engraving service that’s completely complimentary.

Whether you’re crafting a name, a significant date or even a small message, engravable gifts are by far one of the most personal presents you can give and receive.

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Few aspects of a person’s life are more personal than the symbols that define them. Whether it’s an initial, a picture or a special shape, an accessory with a personal symbol can easily turn a simple gift into a special one; plus, it’s versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything.

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Birthstones are stylish and unique, and are a great way of giving a gift with a subtle personal touch. These stones can be worn as everyday pieces or saved for special occasions; however, if you choose to, you can also use a birthstone as a legacy piece to pass on to future generations.

Regardless of what their birthstone is, it’s always going to mean something extra special to them.

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If you’re after a simple but effective Christmas gift, something in your loved one’s favourite colour is a guaranteed success. You really can’t go wrong with someone’s favourite colour, and it still shows you’ve put thought into someone’s gift even if you’re struggling with an idea.

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Although the act of giving and receiving gifts is always enjoyable, it’s no secret that everyone loves a gift with a personal touch. There are lots of ways you can do it in time for Christmas, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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