5 Heirloom-Worthy Gemstones Your Loved Ones Will Thank You For

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The Christmas season is about celebrating the history of the occasion, and the story of the nativity has been told for more generations than we can count.

There’s something hugely special about passing a story down through the ages, which is why we’re so pleased to be able to do our own part in helping families create a lasting legacy. Gemstones have been formed, found and favored since before the Christmas story was even told, and we take pride in being able to provide you with heirloom-worthy gemstone jewelry that can be passed down to your loved ones.

But, what exactly is it that makes a gemstone heirloom-worthy?

It’s true that all gemstones are beautiful and perfect for legacy pieces, but there are a few specific stones that we believe possess many desirable qualities worthy of being enjoyed by present and future generations.

So, in honour of such a festive, family-oriented season, we’re sharing with you five gemstones that we believe to be truly heirloom-worthy.



As the traditional present for a 40th wedding anniversary and the birthstone for July, it’s clear to see why the Ruby is an often sought-after gift. Rich in history and rich in color, Ruby is a precious gemstone measuring 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning it’s durable enough to last pretty much forever.

Whether it’s Malagasy, Burmese or another variety entirely, we’re guaranteed to have a Ruby for you.

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Although not as high on the hardness scale as Ruby, it’s the Opals delicateness that ultimately makes it special; due to its softness, it’s even more important to cherish and care for it in order to pass it down.

Opals, the birthstone for October, are unique in the fact that they shine and reflect every single color on the spectrum. They're truly spectacular, and we love bringing them to you.

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Emeralds stand out from the crowd in a way that no other gemstone could possibly replicate. The birthstone for May, Emeralds have a rich green hue that varies from location to location; whether it’s a pale green from Nigeria or a dark green from Colombia, Emeralds are precious, durable and will last through the ages.

Emeralds make the perfect generational piece, and the most memorable Christmas heirloom.

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If the late Princess Diana’s engagement ring is anything to go by, Sapphire is the perfect gemstone to pass down to a loved one.

Beautiful, precious and the birthstone for September, Sapphire is a gemstone that should have a place in everyone’s collection. They come in many varieties, colors and shapes, which make them versatile enough to suit any and all styles and tastes.

Sapphires are a personal favorite of ours – and lucky for you, we have them in spades.

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According to legend, Tanzanite is a spiritual stone that inspires compassion. Showing compassion and love towards others is especially prominent at Christmas, so it’s so easy to see why Tanzanite would make the perfect Christmas gift. Plus, it’s (rather fittingly) the birthstone for December.

Tanzanite comes from a single source location, making it special in its own right – so there’s no better way for the stone to live on than to pass it down through generations of families and collectors.

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Heirlooms are special things, and there’s no better time to gift something spectacular than at Christmas time. However, these heirloom-worthy gemstones are just the beginning – because we have so many giftable gemstones that we believe are perfect for you and your family.

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