Gemporia's 18th Birthday: Our Top Jewellery Picks

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We know what your favourite gemstones and jewellery pieces are, but do you know ours?

Within our Marketing team, we all have different job titles and individual responsibilities – however, a love for jewellery and gemstones is something we all share. So, we have taken the liberty of choosing our favourite Gemporia pieces, in the hopes that they can be your favourites too.

So, straight from Gemporia HQ, here are our top gemstone jewellery pieces.

Alex Stevenson - Digital Marketing Assistant

Alex Stevenson

Alex’s Picks:

“For me, jewellery is a great way of expressing yourself – so it needs to stand out! I love pieces that are out of the ordinary and bursting with colour; multi-coloured gemstones, contrasting gemstones and ornate pieces are the things that usually catch my eye.

“Don’t be afraid to try something unique and get out of your comfort zone. Just get creative!”

Shop Alex’s Picks: Multicoloured Ring Rainbow Sapphire Ring Peacock Brooch Tsavorite Garnet Pendant

Jacob Jenkins - Ecommerce Executive

Jacob Jenkins

Jacob’s Picks:

“The pieces I decided to choose were inspired by my two favourite gemstones: Tanzanite and Aquamarine.

“Aquamarine is my birthstone, so choosing one of those was a no-brainer! However, Tanzanite is a gemstone I just love – it's so unique in its colour and its location, and it’s a stone I believe should have a place in everyone’s collection.”

Shop Jacob’s Picks: AA Tanzanite Ring AA Tanzanite Pendant Aquamarine & Morganite Pendant Aquamarine & Morganite Ring

Karo Kedra - Ecommerce Executive

Karo Kedra

Karo’s Picks:

"Only four! It was extremely hard to pick when I spend every day working with so many wonderful products. I decided to pick something timeless, trendy and unique, like the Diamond ring and the key pendant - and the open design of the Sapphire ring with Zircon accents wraps beautifully around your finger. Plus, the drop earrings are classy with a modern spin!

"All the pieces are made from Gold - Gold jewellery is a great investment, and it looks amazing!"

Shop Karo’s Picks: Diamond Ring Ethiopian Opal Pendant Zircon & Sapphire Ring Rose Drop Earrings

Katarzyna Gill - Market Place Trading Manager

Katarzyna Gill

Katarzyna’s Picks:

“I chose these pieces because each of them have a specific quality that drew me to them. First, I think Tahitian Pearls are very elegant, and the darker colours give these gems a magical look which I love. You would feel extra special wearing these Tahitian Pearls.

“Also, Baltic Green Amber reminds me of nature. It’s fascinating due to its ability to preserve insects and plants, and I chose this bracelet because of its unique colour and sparkling effect, which adds that ‘wow’ look to your outfit.

“Finally, the design of the three black hearts within the Black Onyx earrings is very eye-catching, and I like the simplicity and uniqueness of them.”

Tahitian Pearls

Shop Katarzyna’s Picks: Tahitian Pearl Earrings Tahitian Pearl Ring Baltic Green Amber Bracelet Black Onyx Earrings

Kaydee Ojalae - Social Media Executive

Kaydee Ojalae

Kaydee’s Picks:

“I just love Gold pieces – it’s a gorgeous metal, and I just feel that it goes with everything!

“Plus, I am more of a layer type of girl – I love to stack my necklaces and mix and match different styles, so these pieces are perfect for me!”

Shop Kaydee’s Picks: Lapis Lazuli Earrings Amazonite Necklace Green Agate Necklace Midas Necklace

Louise Knight - Copywriter

Louise Knight

Louise’s Picks:

“I chose these pieces due to their individuality, because that’s what wearing jewellery is all about: expressing your uniqueness. Each of these gemstone pieces have a distinct history and story behind them, which (among other things) is what makes them undoubtedly special; for example, Tsavorite is known as the rarest form of Garnet, and Tanzanite and Csarite® can each be found in just one location on Earth.

“Sapphire, however, is my birthstone – so of course I had to choose one of those!

“Overall, I love the rich colours of each of these gems, and I always find myself drawn to the finer, more sought-after stones – after all, if you’re going to buy a piece to love, cherish and potentially pass on, you want something that will last a lifetime.”

Shop Louise’s Picks: AA Tanzanite Ring Sapphire & Topaz Pendant Csarite® Ring Tsavorite Garnet Pendant

Roz Crombie - Email and CRM Manager

Roz Crombie

Roz’s Picks:

“I’ve always done things a little differently, and my jewellery collection is no exception.

“I always reach for customisable pieces, so it’s no surprise that the Molte collection is at the top of my list! I love how just a few pieces can be combined to create infinite possibilities!"

Molte Necklace

Shop Roz’s Picks: Gold Plated R Charm Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pendant Gold Plated Necklace Gold Plated Earrings

Sydney Habgood - Marketing Executive

Sydney Habgood

Sydney’s Picks:

“When I look at buying jewellery, I always keep my eye out for luxury metals and colourful gemstones – I believe they really add a sense of quality to a jewellery piece.

“Plus, I just love glowing Emeralds, so the Panjshir Type II Earrings are perfect for me!”

Shop Sydney’s Picks: Sterling Silver Bracelet Natural Yellow Diamond Earrings Panjshir Type II Emerald Earrings Multicoloured Ring

So there you have it! It's clear our Marketing team loves gemstone jewellery just as much as you do, and we've enjoyed bringing our favourite pieces to you.

As you may already be aware, we’re currently celebrating our 18th birthday! As Gemporia customers, you are the reason our business continues to thrive, so we want to thank you by offering you the best deals on our jewellery.

These are just a select few of our favourite pieces, but our website has a whole range of fine jewellery waiting to be delivered to you. Happy shopping!

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