Gemporia's 18th Birthday: How You're Shaping Our Future

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In case you aren’t already aware, we’re celebrating our 18th birthday! A huge amount has changed since Gemporia first launched in 2004 – however, the loyalty of our customers has remained constant, and this is why we’ve been able to consistently bring you the finest gemstone jewelry at the most affordable prices.

The past 18 years have resulted in an incredible gemstone legacy, but this month we’re stepping away from the past and looking to the future. Your love for our brand over the years has helped us to achieve so much, but what you may not be aware of is just how much you’re shaping the years that are yet to come.

Gemporia’s ongoing prospects are all down to you, so we want to share a little bit about what you’ve helped us to achieve, as well as the impact your contributions will continue to have on the future of our business and our world.


Jaipur Cutting School

A lot goes on in our India team at Colored Rocks Trading Private Limited (CRTPL), including our independent charity Colorful Life Foundation and our Jaipur Cutting School - and we thought who better to explain the work that takes place than our very own CRTPL Managing Director, Sharmil Mathur.

Sharmil heads up our Ladies Cutting School in Jaipur, and this is what she had to say:

“The Colorful Life Foundation (also known as The Trust or CLF) was settled on 6th January 2014 as a charitable trust for the purpose of performing social welfare activities for the upliftment of society.

“From the funds received, the trust focuses on education and employment, with its employees volunteering in various programmes. With the aim of social and economic empowerment, CLF began a vocational programme for females, specifically in the Jaipur slum area of Kathputli Nagar.

Helping Indian Women Work

“The ladies of Kathputli Nagar worked in the field of sanitation and garbage collection, and lived in poor conditions with no awareness towards education. Initially, it was hard to convince the girls and their families of the importance of vocational training, but thanks to the dedication of the team, a few ladies and girls stepped out for training completely free of charge.

“We hired a room and brought in experienced instructors, as well as trained professionals on hand so the ladies could bring along their kids while getting the training. They were trained in gemstone and bead cutting and polishing, as well as personal grooming. The concepts of cleanliness, education, health and wellbeing were also explained to them.

Gemporia's Ladies

“Gradually the ladies learned more and more, and their children were enrolled in a nearby school run by an NGO. Once their training was completed, they were given not only a certificate, but also a job working at our cutting school in Jaipur. A balika sadan (girl’s home) was created for them by us at CRTPL, where they were given permanent employment with wages and social benefits.

“Being part of our organization brought them a feeling of confidence and equality, and the journey of the trust through a rugged path has brought a beautiful destination for all.”

Jaipur Cutting School

The charitable work put in by Sharmil and her team in India is only possible through Gemporia purchases. As well as the Jaipur Cutting School, the Colorful Life Foundation has also adopted a school for underprivileged children aged 5 to 14. CLF supports these students by providing uniforms, shoes, bags, notebooks, stationary and teacher support for a high-quality education. Sports and musical equipment are also provided by CLF, as well as awards to help motivate and empower the children.

Colorful Life Foundation

In addition to equipment for the children, the trust has also supported the school itself with better infrastructure including toilets, water filters and painted walls. Extra staff have also been employed to ensure the children’s safety and wellbeing.

Improving Schools in India

According to Sharmil, the number of admissions to the school has increased since the support from the Colorful Life Foundation has been in place.

To find out more about the incredible work that takes place within the Colorful Life Foundation, click here.


Carbon Neutral Business

Clearly, your Gemporia purchases have had a large role in the development of education and employment in India. But what about the rest of the world?

As of October 2021, Gemporia’s UK operations became 100% Carbon Neutral. We've worked hard with Carbon Neutral Britain to achieve this, and by working closely with them we’ve been able to reduce and offset our carbon emissions into various projects that will move us towards a more sustainable world.

As part of their Carbon Offsetting Initiative, Carbon Neutral Britain aids businesses in reducing their carbon footprint to tackle climate change. They do this by calculating a company’s total carbon footprint and working on ways to offset these emissions through environmentally-friendly projects – and that’s exactly what they did with us.

Carbon Neutral

Our Carbon Emissions Report showed that our main emissions occurred from energy consumption within the delivery of products from international suppliers. Therefore, we made it our mission to tackle this issue and ensure a permanent reduction in our carbon footprint. So, when your order arrives, you will not only receive gemstones sourced in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner, but the process of fulfilling your entire order is 100% Carbon Neutral too.

With the assistance of Carbon Neutral Britain, we have been able to take our total carbon emissions from our UK operations and offset them through various carbon offsetting projects. These projects are internationally certified and have been specifically selected based on the impact they have around the world, such as:

  • Supporting education
  • Clean water
  • Employment
  • Supporting local wildlife
  • Aiding ecology

Offsetting Projects

Through offsetting our carbon emissions, we are helping to provide hydroelectric power in the Amazon Rainforest, as well as supporting wind farms in the Philippines. We're also aiding reforestation in Costa Rica and woodland management in Yorkshire.

For more information about what we do as a Carbon Neutral Business, click here.

Offsetting Projects

As our customers, you lie at the forefront of our brand’s journey to success. Your loyalty to Gemporia over the last 18 years has enabled us to achieve so many amazing milestones, and allowed us to secure a longlasting and sustainable future. So, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you for making what we do possible, because Gemporia wouldn’t be Gemporia without you.


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