Kati's Favourites: Kati Elliott's Top 5 VISAGE Products

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VISAGE was created in 2019 with the intention of inspiring women and giving them confidence. An advocate for female empowerment, Gemporia Presenter Kati Elliott believes that there is no reason why beauty shouldn’t be for everyone – and that is what the aim for VISAGE is.

We have intricately designed our luxury beauty and skincare products to be affordable, accessible and inclusive. VISAGE truly is for everyone and, with regular uses of the products both at home and in our studio, Kati sees the brand’s true value first hand.

An avid VISAGE user, Kati has a selection of favourite products which she believes can enhance a person’s natural beauty. Read on to discover Kati’s favourites...


XL Coffee Palette

With an extensive selection of 35 neutral tones, the VISAGE XL Coffee Palette is equipped for wherever your day may take you. This palette enables you to create a vast array of looks – featuring Matte, Shimmer and Sparkle shades, you’re covered for a day at your desk or a night on the dancefloor.

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Available in two shades, Caramel and Mocha, VISAGE Bronze is an integral part of Kati’s makeup routine. This particular Bronzer has been created with a silky matte powder formula that blends into your complexion with ease, giving your look an overall warmth.

VISAGE Bronze provides a sun-soaked addition to your makeup look, and adds a sculpt and depth to your face that’s completely unmatched.

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The Fabulous Palette

The XL Coffee Palette is not the only palette to feature in Kati’s VISAGE collection of favourites. With the Fabulous Palette, featuring 35 mesmerising shades in a range of colours, you can go neutral or go colourful in whichever way you wish.

The opportunities from this palette are endless, so it’s no secret as to why it’s one of Kati’s favourites.

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Stayset Loose Powder

VISAGE’s Stayset Loose Powder takes away any unwanted shine from your makeup look. In its place, you have a glorious matte finish complete with a touch of colour.

Powder is must-have in any makeup collection, and Kati’s choice is one we can get behind.

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'On the Go' Palette

Versatile and efficient, our VISAGE ‘On The Go’ Palette features six lip/cheek colours and six eye colours, ensuring that you can highlight all your favourite features using one single product. Compact enough to take just about anywhere, this palette is perfect for both makeup beginners and connoisseurs.

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VISAGE was created to unleash your inner confidence and highlight the natural facial features you already have. These are Kati’s favourites – what are yours?

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