5 Ways to Style Your Jewellery for Autumn

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A new season means one thing: new styles! Autumn is almost upon us, which means a whole new season of jewellery and gemstone trends is just about to start – and we couldn’t be more ready for it.

We have a whole range of brand new designs and trends for you to shake up your style for the upcoming season – so whatever your jewellery style is, we’ve got your autumn accessories well and truly covered.



Layering and stacking jewellery has been a huge trend this year, and it’s showing no sign of stopping!

Our range of layered necklaces and stacking rings give you the ability to mix, match and make your jewellery your own, and express your personal style in the most unique way.

We have sets that you can wear separately or all together, as well as a wide selection of individual pieces that go together as beautifully as if they were made to go alongside each other.


Long Necklaces

The autumn season means cooler weather, which means higher necklines, which means LONG NECKLACES!

Longer necklaces are the perfect accessories for high-neck tops and jumpers, and luckily for you, we have them in spades.

But, fear not! If we don’t have a long necklace that takes your fancy, then why not get creative? We also have a versatile selection of slider chains, so you can not only adjust the chain’s length to compliment your outfit, but you can also style it with your choice of pendant to suit your own personal taste.

Necklaces are a key accessory to any outfit, and the opportunities to wear them how you want to really are endless.


Mixed Metals

In-keeping with mixing and matching, mixing metals is a huge 2022 trend – and we can’t figure out why it’s never been so prominent before!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for choosing accessories that compliment the rest of your look; however, there is absolutely no reason why you aren’t able to pair Gold with Silver, or Silver with Platinum, or Platinum with Rose Gold.

The whole point of your style is that it’s YOURS – so if there’s something you want to explore, there’s absolutely nothing standing in your way.


Autumn Gemstones

Although gemstones can be worn all the year round, we all know that there are certain colours that are widely associated with autumn – yellow, orange and green to name a few. Therefore, if you’re unsure of how to style your jewellery this season, maybe start with autumn-coloured gemstones such as Baltic Amber, Tiger’s Eye and Citrine.

With this, your autumn look will not only compliment your outfit, but also the environment around you.


Pre-party Statements

The arrival of autumn means we’re one step closer to winter, Christmas and New Year – also known as party season!

So, there’s no better time to get prepared for your upcoming festivities! Our pre-party statements include drop earrings, large pendants, chunky necklaces and a whole range of stand-out pieces to accessorise your outfit in a way that works for you.

A new season means a whole new variety of colours, styles and trends – so use this time to explore your own jewellery passions and loves. Maybe you want to try a different earring style, or maybe you’ve switched to a new autumn wardrobe and need accessories to go alongside it. Either way, our new autumn trends are versatile, inclusive and, as always, absolutely exquisite.


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