4 Ways to Wear Your Moonstone

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First discovered in Sri Lanka and South India, there are few gemstones as exotic as the Moonstone. This lunar-like stone has a signature shimmer that no other gem can replicate, which is due to a unique property called adularescence. Adularescence causes light to bounce off the Moonston’s inner layers, which therefore makes it shine in different shades of blue or purple, with rarer forms giving off a more yellow color.

Those with birthdays in June are lucky to have the Moonstone as their birthstone, alongside Alexandrite and Pearl. They sparkle and shine like no other, and are extremely versatile when styling them to suit you. So, whether you want to blend in or stand out, our collection of Moonstone jewelry provides something for everyone.


Trendy Moonstones

A large gemstone always makes a strong statement, and a large Moonstone is no exception. Whether it’s a pendant or a ring, having one larger jewelry piece has the ability to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Should you choose a Moonstone as your statement piece, opting for one with a large amount of adularescence is the key to acquiring that special staple you’ve always wanted. The more the stone shimmers, the more eyes it catches and the more expensive it looks.

For a classy and upscale look, a large and trendy Moonstone is certainly one way forward - just be sure to keep the rest of your accessories minimal so your signature piece shines through.


Moonstone Ring

Moving to the other end of the scale, Moonstones can also suit a minimalist style. From houses to wardrobes, minimalism is everywhere these days - and as jewelry trends constantly evolve, many people are preferring their accessories to be simple but effective.

As Moonstones are so shiny and eye-catching, a smaller one can speak for itself just as much as a statement piece - so if you’re into simple, elegant styles, a Moonstone can complement your chosen look with incredible ease.

For a look that’s clean, modern and sleek, a Moonstone well and truly ticks all the boxes.


Moonstone Earrings

In-keeping with coordinating styles and colors, layering is extremely on-trend at the moment. It’s a great way to express your personal style, and adds a unique touch to what could otherwise be an everyday look.

Although Moonstones come in multiple different hues, neutral colored stones such as the Rainbow Moonstone are incredibly customisable, and are easy to pair with gemstones of just about any color.

The Rainbow Moonstone studs pictured above perfectly complement the drop earrings next to them, and this just shows how gemstones - although found in completely different areas of the globe - can come together to complete a never-before-seen look.

Complete with stud earrings, drop earrings and earrings featuring other gemstones, our Moonstone collection has something for every taste.


Purple & Blue Moonstones

As Moonstones come in a few different hues, they offer lots of options when it comes to coordinating a particular outfit. Our Moonstone collection contains gems of blue and purple, as well as Rainbow Moonstones with their white, lunar-like shimmer.

If you choose a colored Moonstone, outfits containing solid colors such as blue and yellow complement them perfectly and help to create a well-coordinated summer look. Alternatively, if you’d prefer the color of your Moonstone to stand out from the crowd, an all-white ensemble is the way to go.

For those who prefer the more neutral color of the Rainbow Moonstone, wearing the stone with a light blue, silver or grey outfit reflects its iridescence in a way that’s truly mesmerising. If your style is more colorful, feel free to experiment! The Rainbow Moonstone is neutral enough to work with almost any color, however solid colors may work best as to not overpower its unique shine.

With its distinct array of colors, the Moonstone can cater to multiple tastes, and can work well as a statement piece or part of an ensemble. It’s guaranteed to add a new and unique glow to your jewelry collection, and give you a style that no one else can replicate.


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