Hall of Fame: Manuel de Souza

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June 7th 1967 saw the astounding discovery of the remarkable gemstone Tanzanite. On that fateful day, Manuel de Souza hired a driver for a short expedition to the north of Tanzania who eventually refused to take him further than the village of Mtakuja. Unphased, de Souza pushed forward just four more miles before making one of the most significant gemstone finds of the century.


  • Name: Manuel de Souza
  • Date of Birth: 1913
  • Country of Birth: Goa, India
  • Date of Death: 21st August 1969 (aged 56)


As he progressed further from Mtakuja, the gemstone's shine caught his eye from the ground. Manuel initially registered the gemstone as Olivine. Eventually, the gemstone came to be known as Tanzanite. This beautiful jewel owes a large part of its renown to the dedicated people who helped take Manuel de Souza's discovery from a small-scale operation to international success.

Manuel de Souza

Today, the Tanzanite deposit is divided simply into four blocks named A, B, C and D. These are all still the only Tanzanite mines in the world, all located around the same spot that de Souza found in 1967. Tanzanite is a gem collector's dream and is the perfect centrepiece for jewellery that expands the legacy of Manuel de Souza, a rich heritage we hope every Tanzanite owner is proud to be a part of.


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