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Coloured gemstones are becoming more and more in demand, and it is no secret that jewellery lovers are now opting for pieces with striking shades to complement their wardrobe. When it comes to gemstone jewellery, their colours are now being looked at just as closely as how they are designed - therefore, gemstones containing deeper, richer hues are starting to rise in popularity.

However, there are a certain few gemstones that have always been sought after, particularly by the Royal Family. From Queen Victoria to Princess Anne, countless members of the Royal Family have favoured a variety of precious stones.

We took extra special care with which gemstones made our most recent Top Picks list and, with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee quickly approaching, we decided to honour Her Majesty by featuring some popular royal gemstones in our selection.


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Diamonds are forever, and are more than worthy of being the world’s most precious stone. As a result, it’s no secret as to why the Diamond is at the forefront of our Top Picks list.

However, it isn’t just us at Gemporia who have a long standing love for Diamonds; Diamonds are popular among the Royal Family, and have been for generations. Cullinan Diamonds, commonly known as the ‘Stars of Africa’, lie at the forefront of the Crown Jewels themselves, and it was the largest Diamond ever found upon its discovery in 1905.

After being cut into multiple smaller gems by the Asscher Brothers, the Cullinan I was set in the royal sceptre, and weighs a monumental 545.67cts.

With such a rich history behind the stone, it is no surprise that the Diamond was the first to make the ‘cut’ into our Top Picks list. They’re stunning, versatile and timeless, which makes them the perfect crown jewel for any collection.

However you choose to wear a Diamond, we have a dazzler for you.

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As one of Mother Nature’s finest creations, the beauty of the Pearl speaks for itself. With each one being different from the last, they’re as unique and individual as the person who wears them.

There has never been a Queen that didn’t wear Pearls, and the centuries-old tradition continues with our current reigning monarch. Queen Elizabeth II has an extensive collection of Pearl necklaces, and is thought to have loved them from a young age as a result of a tradition started by Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria gifted her daughters and granddaughters a Pearl every year on their birthday, so that by the age of 18 they would have enough for a necklace. King George VI and the Queen Mother carried on this tradition for Queen Elizabeth II, and Her Majesty shows her love for the stone by wearing them for the most special occasions, including her wedding to Prince Phillip.

Pearls are regal, beautiful and lustrous, therefore it’s easy to see why they’re so favoured by the Royals, as well as many people around the world. Our collection of Pearl jewellery is high-quality and affordable, so why not treat yourself to a gemstone that is favoured by the masses, but completely unique to you.

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Across all periods of time, the Garnet has been considered the ultimate gift of love, and is a stone adored by the Royal Family.

Although not always seen, the Garnet holds a special place in the Royal jewellery collection, and was featured in one of the first gifts given to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge by her husband Prince William.

During their studies at St. Andrews, William presented Kate with a Gold ring that sports both of their birthstones (Garnets for him and Pearls for her), which she later wore to her graduation ceremony. This is considered to be one of the first gifts exchanged between the Royal couple, and can be said to mark the beginning of their lifelong love story.

From red to green to honey brown, Garnets come in a range of hues; they’re versatile and are available in enough colours and designs to complement almost any outfit you choose. So why wouldn’t you add a Garnet to your jewellery collection?

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As one of the most precious and eye-catching stones, Rubies make the perfect addition to your jewellery collection. Their striking red hue turns countless heads, so it's clear as to why there are so many of them in the Royal Family’s vault.

Although adorned with nearly 3,000 stones, the Imperial State Crown has the Black Prince’s Ruby at the forefront, a gem that has been in the family since 1367.

Technically, it is actually a Spinel - but since the difference between Rubies and Spinels wasn’t known until the 18th century, it is still considered a Ruby. However, the Sovereign’s Orb is encrusted with multiple Rubies, therefore the Queen was still able to stop hearts with them during her coronation in 1953.

Queen Elizabeth II has been gifted a considerable amount of Ruby pieces during her reign. Some of the most exquisite include the Crown Ruby Necklace and Brooch set, designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria and given to Her Majesty by the Queen Mother, and the Burmese Ruby tiara (set with a whopping 96 Rubies) gifted to her by the people of Burma in 1973.

The Royal Family’s long love for Rubies has been passed down to countless generations; Princess Margaret wore an infamous Cartier Diamond and Ruby flower brooch multiple times throughout her life, the late Princess Diana often wore red with Ruby jewellery to match, and the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall both continue to adorn stunning Ruby pieces for public engagements.

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Another precious gemstone adored by many, the Sapphire is a stone truly fit for royalty.

The family’s fondness for Sapphires arguably became most known with the iconic engagement ring first presented to the Princess of Wales by Prince Charles. Now, it is the engagement ring worn proudly by the Duchess of Cambridge, after being hand-picked by Prince William from his mother’s collection after her death.

Sapphires have the potential to be the staple of any collection - and with the Jubilee fast approaching, there is no better time to add one to your wardrobe. Plus, Sapphires can come in a wide variety of different colours; so if the iconic blue isn’t for you, your options remain pretty much limitless.

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Our top gemstones were difficult to choose, as we consider them all to be worthy of a place on the list. However, in honour of one of Her Majesty’s greatest achievements, we decided to base our favourites on her and her family’s favourites - and now, with so many gorgeous gemstone pieces to choose from, they can become your favourites too.

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