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They travelled 5,000 miles across the Atlantic, but now they’re back! Our gemstone experts David Troth, Angeline Davies, Jake Thompson and Toby Cavill spent their time at the Tucson Gemstone Trade Fair finding all the breaking news to bring back to us, as well as some exciting new collections.

The Tucson Gemstone Trade Fair is one of the biggest and most important jewellery and gemstone fairs globally. It takes place early every year in the sprawling city of Tucson, Arizona, in the USA. Rather than one single location, the show is spread across the city, with displays of varying sizes tucked away in all corners of Tucson. It brings together the entire industry and is an unmissable show for finding the latest gemstone discoveries. The show was cancelled during the pandemic, so the 2022 show has been highly anticipated by jewellery collectors and connoisseurs the world over.

Since our team of gem experts returned, we’ve been busy creating some incredible designs based on everything they learnt whilst there – and now, we’re excited to share it all with you. Join us for this gem-packed ten-day event full of the biggest finds and most sought after gemstones of the show, between Friday 18th March and Sunday 27th March. Here's a sneak preview of what to expect during the event.


Friday 18th March

  • 9am Mercury Mystic Topaz
  • 4pm Mandarin Garnet
  • 8pm Cape Champagne Diamonds with David Troth


Saturday 19th March

  • 12pm Cape Champagne Diamonds with David Troth
  • 4pm Santa Maria Aquamarine


Sunday 20th March

  • 9am Natural Pink Diamonds
  • 4pm Congo Green Tourmaline
  • 8pm Canadian Diamonds
  • 12am Santa Maria Aquamarine


Monday 21st March

  • 1pm Recherche Moonstone with Jake Thompson
  • 4pm Red Zircon & Tsavorite Garnet with Jake Thompson


Tuesday 22nd March

  • 9am Congo Green Tourmaline with Toby Cavill
  • 4pm Burmese Ruby with Jake Thompson
  • 12am Mercury Mystic Topaz

Tucson Trade Fair 2022

Wednesday 23rd March

  • 9am Canadian Diamonds with Toby Cavill
  • 4pm Ethiopian Emerald
  • 12am Natural Pink Diamonds


Thursday 24th March

  • 8pm Luxury Pearls with Charlie Barron
  • 9pm Luxury Pearls with Charlie Barron


Friday 25th March

  • 10am Pearls by Appointment with Jake Thompson
  • 3pm Recherche Ironstone with Jake Thompson
  • 5pm Regency Collection with Toby Cavill
  • 12am 5th Avenue with Ryan Dees


Saturday 26th March

  • 9am AAA Tanzanite with Toby Cavill
  • 12pm Calian with Christopher Church
  • 4pm Canadian Diamonds with Toby Cavill
  • 8pm Luminosity Cut with Toby Cavill
  • 12am 5th Avenue with Ryan Dees


Sunday 27th March

  • 9am Luminosity Cut with Toby Cavill
  • 12pm Queen Conch with David Troth
  • 4pm Apricot Pearls with David Troth
  • 8pm Tucson Round-Up Finale
  • 9pm Tucson Round-Up Finale


We'd be delighted by your company for this exceptional event. You can watch Gemporia live in the UK 24-hours a day on Freeview channel 45, Sky channel 665, Virgin Media channel 755 and Freesat channel 805, as well as on YouTube or right here on our website. Click the below button to watch now.


Occasionally, show contents may change due to circumstances beyond our control. Should this occur, check back to this page for details of rescheduled shows and events.

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