Gemporia Trade Show 2022 Is Here

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One of the Gemporia team’s favourite events, the Gemporia Trade Show, is coming up once again. During these showcases, our team of experts visit the studio and provide you with all the behind-the-scenes knowledge of what’s breaking in the gemstone community - so they’re always really exciting to watch.

From Monday 28th February to Sunday 6th March 2022, tune into Gemporia for a full schedule featuring some exciting and glorious gemstones, including Red Spinel, Rose Cut Sapphire, Monochrome Diamonds, Purple Labradorite and Comeria Garnet. Join us throughout the week as we bring you exclusive looks at rough gemstones, meetings with artisans, breaking news and upcoming trends, as well as what’s coming up and what you can purchase at prices you will love.

Every day, there's also a not to be missed Deal of the Day show, which we've highlighted on our schedule for you below. Each show will feature one of our knowledgable experts, acting as your guide for each special gemstone. Here are the shows to keep an eye out for:

Thursday 3rd March

  • 9am - Natural Pink Diamond with David Troth DEAL OF THE DAY
  • 10am - Health and Wellbeing with Steve Bennett
  • 12pm - Natural Pink Diamond with David Troth
  • 3pm - Health and Wellbeing with Nick Davies
  • 4pm - Monochrome Diamonds with Toby Cavill
  • 8pm - Confluence with Jake Thompson


Friday 4th March

  • 9am - Red Spinel with David Troth DEAL OF THE DAY
  • 12pm - Destello with Hattie Houston
  • 4pm - Rose Cut Sapphire
  • 8pm - Monochrome Diamonds with Toby Cavill

Monochrome Diamonds

Saturday 5th March

  • 9am - Natural Yellow Diamond with David Troth
  • 12pm - Jade with David Troth DEAL OF THE DAY
  • 4pm - Jade with David Troth
  • 7pm - Destello with Hattie Houston
  • 12am - Natural Yellow Diamond

Natural Yellow Diamond

Sunday 6th March

  • 9am - Purple Labradorite with Toby Cavill
  • 12pm - Destello with Hattie Houston
  • 4pm - Comeria Garnet
  • 8pm - Natural Pink Diamonds with Toby Cavill

Natural Pink Diamonds

We hope you can join us for this big event as we bring you all the exciting happenings from the Gemporia Trade Show.


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