New Year, New Style: Our Top 5 Staple Pieces for 2022

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Happy New Year! 2022 is finally upon us, and we’re so excited to share what we have in store for you this year. We have many new jewellery designs to show you to mark the start of a new season and a new year, including many fascinating gemstones such as Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone and Blue Lace Agate. We have carefully selected five staple pieces which are just perfect for the upcoming year and beyond - so treat yourself, and make 2022 all about you.

5. Rainbow Moonstone Midas Earrings 2.30cts

Originally sourced from India, there are few gemstones as exotic and delightful as the Rainbow Moonstone. Made of Gold Plated Sterling Silver with a stone that shines like the moon, this gorgeous pair of studs is an easy favourite for the new season. Approaching the harder end of the gemstone scale, these earrings are perfect for everyday wear, and their neutral but fascinating hues compliment any outfit. Often believed there are moonbeams trapped inside, not many gemstones are as magical as this one - it’s guaranteed to add a unique glow to your jewellery collection.

Labradorite Earrings

4. Labradorite Earrings in Gold Plated Sterling Silver 19.30cts

Known for its stunning metallic light shimmer of blues and greens, also referred to as labradorescence, it’s no surprise that the Labradorite gemstone is one of our favourites for 2022. As a result, they should be viewed first hand in order to fully experience its beauty. Our Labradorite drop earrings, featuring a gem from Africa surrounded in Gold Plated Sterling Silver, are new for 2022 and something to be cherished. According to legends, Labradorite stones can help people overcome their limitations and achieve their destiny. So, make 2022 your year of success, and make a statement at the same time.

Congo Malachite Necklace

3. Congo Malachite Necklace in Sterling Silver 26.50cts

If you’re looking for a bold addition to your jewellery collection in 2022, look no further than our Congo Malachite Necklace in Sterling Silver. The colour green has always been associated with new beginnings and new life, and this stunning gemstone is easily one of the most recognisable - so we couldn’t not include it in our top five for this year. Its fibrous lustre and on-trend green tones means this necklace can be layered or worn as a standalone piece and, belonging to a gemstone family in its own right, it’s as significant and individual as you.

Paul Island Labradorite

2. Paul Island Labradorite Midas Aryonna Ring 16.95cts

Named after a small island in eastern Canada where it was discovered, the Paul Island Labradorite is a neutral stone with an envious schiller. The way the light plays across the gem cannot be replicated with any other stone, and has the ability to surprise you every single time. This gorgeous Midas ring from the Aryonna collection is large, chunky and uneven, making it perfect for the new season and the perfect new staple for personalising your collection.

Rainbow Moonstone

1. Rainbow Moonstone Midas Aryonna Ring 3ct

With its distinct array of colours, the Rainbow Moonstone can cater to multiple tastes, and can work well as a statement piece for 2022. The gemstone’s colour flashes are something to behold, with its muted surface colours hiding an explosion of hues. With the ability to show light within darkness, the Rainbow Moonstone stands as a strong metaphor for the start of a new and colourful year, so this Midas Aryonna ring just had to be included in our top five pieces for 2022. It’s subtle but stylish, crafty but colourful, and an ideal staple piece for any collection.

We’ve worked incredibly hard to bring you our top five staples for 2022, to help you make a statement and make this year yours. To see all of our exciting new year pieces, don’t forget to browse our page full of new styles and designs for you to enjoy.


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