Two Years of VISAGE: A Chat with Kati Elliott

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Kati Elliott's popular beauty range VISAGE is turning two years old! We recently had a chat with Kati about her journey so far, what goes into creating items for the collection and what's next for VISAGE.

Hiya Kati, how are you today?

Hello! I'm great, thank you, feeling in a good place and loving life.

Your incredible VISAGE range is now two years old, and the time has flown! When did you first think about launching a beauty collection, and what was your inspiration?

It was back in summer 2019, I'd stepped back from presenting on-screen full time, and Steve (Bennett, Gemporia founder) approached me asking what I wanted to do. He said I had a lot of potential we'd not explored, and I suggested creating a beauty brand. It's something I've always loved and been passionate about, and I feel incredibly lucky and grateful that Steve has always believed in me.

Kati Elliott

What message or vibe do you want to spread with VISAGE?

For me, beauty is more than skin deep. I truly believe that feeling good about yourself brings a confidence that can change the way you approach life. But I feel like this should be something everyone has access to; beauty should be accessible, and I'd like to think VISAGE has done this.

You've had a fantastic response since VISAGE launched. What are some of your highlights from the first two years?

It's hard to pick specific highlights; as a journey, it's been incredible. For myself, seeing the journey that collectors have gone on too has really been a humbling experience. The letters, emails and messages telling me how my products have made people feel fills me with pure joy daily.

For anybody new to the collection, what does your VISAGE range feature?

So far, I've created a full makeup and skincare range with a selection of products that give people the chance to find what works for them. VISAGESKIN has been outstandingly popular, and I can't wait for the range to expand.


What are your favourite items from the collection?

A tough question, but for my face, I really enjoy my serums: Brighten, Tighten and Refine. They have worked wonders in so many ways. I also love all my makeup products; I've never been able to enjoy every single product in the way I can with my own.

Does any customer feedback stand out in your memory from these first two years?

It's hard to pinpoint individual feedback, but I love receiving letters from people who say such kind things and tell me of their experiences. Also, I (of course) love the selfies people send of their skin and their makeup!

When can we see you on-air with VISAGE?

I'm live on Gemporia every Tuesday for Beauty Tuesdays (12pm and 7pm) and over on Gemporia Lifestyle every other Wednesday from 7pm. I demonstrate all products, do makeup tutorials and talk with collectors about their experience of each product. I love it.


As VISAGE enters its third year, what's next for the range?

Oh, there's so much! In the early new year, there'll be a new moisturiser, cleanser, lots of new makeup and also fake tan. I'm also writing a book with information and tutorials on how to best use each product.

What goes into launching each new product? How long does it take on average, and what does the process from the idea to seeing it on-air entail?

It is a very long process. It starts with an idea, then formulating it with the lab. From here, I test many samples and figure out which best fits what I want to create. Then I design all the packaging, and then the waiting begins. From conception to launch can be anything from six months to a year, depending on the type of product.

Do you ever get any requests from viewers, and can you ever fulfil them?

Yes, I get a lot of requests. I try my best to incorporate all feedback into the production stage of new products. At the end of the day, it's about the viewers and what they want, and I want to make sure that feedback informs the creation process.


Do you feel creating and building the VISAGE collection has changed you?

Yes and no; yes because I feel I have gained a lot of confidence and learned a lot from creating and developing products, and no, because I feel Gemporia has given me the free rein to be myself and create VISAGE around what I want it to be. So far, it's been an amazing journey for me personally.

How do we stay in touch with you on the socials?

You can follow me on:

  • Facebook: Kati Elliott
  • Instagram: @katielliott @visageluxurybeauty
  • TikTok: @katielliott_

Thanks so much for chatting with us Kati, we look forward to seeing you on-air with more wonderful VISAGE items and demonstrations very soon.


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