Introducing The Australian Argyle Ad Infinitum Collection

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The northeast corner of Western Australia harboured a dazzling secret for millions of years - some of the finest Diamonds to have ever formed. Finally unearthed just under 40 years ago, these high-quality jewels have been sought after by jewellery connoisseurs worldwide for their peerless quality. With the famous Australian Argyle mine now closed forever, we're able to offer some of our final pieces in the staggering beauty of the Australian Argyle Ad Infinitum Collection. To own one of these limited pieces, we hope you can join us on Gempioria TV at 8pm on Wednesday 15th December for Champagne Diamonds and White Diamonds like no other. Here's a brief look back at the story of these incredible stones and the mine where they originated, and a little more about this very limited collection.

Western Australia

Hidden Treasures Unearthed At Last

In a remote corner of the vast Australian continent, hidden deep below the surface underneath layers of rock and sand, lay one of the world’s most treasured natural beauties – Diamonds. The story of Australian Diamonds begins billions of years ago under the dusty red topography of Western Australia, where intense heat and pressure caused carbon atoms inside rocks to combine and crystallise into precious Diamonds. For years, these Diamonds remained dormant, 160 kilometres below the earth, until volcanic eruptions forced them from their hiding place closer to the surface, within our reach, allowing these once-hidden gems to be cut and set into beautiful jewellery that is treasured around the world.

Australian Argyle Ad Infinitum Collection

Natural Beauty, Distinguished Provenance

Between 1983 and 2020, the Australian Argyle Diamond Mine produced over 865 million carats of exquisite Diamonds at this unique site, including classic white jewels alongside colourful cognac, blue, violet, pink, red and champagne gems. Sadly, the mine is now closed forever, and the sands of time are ebbing away on the opportunity to own one of the exquisite Diamonds to have been sourced at this remarkable location. The reason that this mine was so highly regarded is that there has never been another Diamond mine like it. The Australian Argyle mine was characterised by its ability to produce many colourful stones, which will always remain synonymous with its name. Only about 5% of the Diamonds mined here were deemed gem quality, which was well below the world average of around 20%. An Australian Argyle Diamond is a single-location miracle, a one generational opportunity, and a once-in-a-lifetime acquisition.

Western Australia

A Precious Place

The story behind Australian Diamonds is as unique as the rugged landscape and the rich culture of its people. Australia’s exotic wildfire and fauna and heritage sites are extraordinary gifts from Mother Nature that rival the majesty of the stones unearthed in the Australian Argyle mine. Every stone recovered is a precious original born in natural colours ranging from white and silver to champagne and cognac and the rarely seen but highly treasured pink, red and blue Diamonds. Australian Diamonds serve as the ultimate takeaway and lasting reminder of a one-of-a-kind country, the Land Down Under.

Australian Argyle Ad Infinitum Collection

Revealing Natural Beauty

At the mine, the rough Diamonds were carefully extracted from the earth and analysed by experts who recognised their innate hidden beauty. The stones were then placed into the capable hands of skilled cutters who sculpted the raw rocks into polished pieces of perfection, and it’s these faceted beauties that took their rightful place amongst the works of art that fashionable collectors wear every day. Instantly recognisable, Diamonds from the Argyle mine delivered a stunning warm palette that lent an uncontrived uniqueness to Diamond jewellery. Our Australian Argyle Ad Infinitum Collection offers one of our final opportunities to own a Diamond from this remarkable place.

Western Australia

Finite Availability, Infinite Beauty

The Australian Argyle Ad Infinitum Collection, named from the Latin phrase meaning ‘forever’, features very limited pieces that have been styled around the iconic symbols of the hourglass and the infinity symbol. They represent that while time is running out on owning one of these Diamonds, the beauty within will last forever. The collection will feature beautifully crafted rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants, giving collectors the chance to own a whole suite of these timeless pieces. Diamonds hold more than just value; they carry the echoes of lives well spent. Your legacy lives within your jewels, passed down for generations to come, adding new chapters to their endless story. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to establish an heirloom.


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