Out of West Africa Event

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The gem-rich western lands of the continent of Africa give so many natural treasures to the world. To celebrate, we're dedicating ten days to our Out of West Africa event to bring you the very best jewels that our gem hunters have found in this remarkable part of the world. Our jewellery and gemstone experts Jake Thompson, David Troth and Toby Cavill will be on hand throughout the showcase, bringing to your screens jewels such as Namibian Pietersite, Nigerian Kunzite and Sierra Leone Black Rutilite. Look out too for limited, extremely beautiful collections of Nigerian Emerald, Moroccan Amethyst, Namibian Demantoid Garnet and many more too.

Here's what's coming up in the first part of our event (all times in GMT)

Monday 15th November

  • 12pm - Australian Blue Sapphire with Jake Thompson
  • 4pm - Nigerian Rubellite with David Troth

Tuesday 16th November

  • 9am - Nigerian Pink Morganite with David Troth
  • 12pm - Beauty Tuesday with Kati Elliott
  • 4pm - Sierra Leone Black Rutilite with Toby Cavill
  • 7pm - Beauty Tuesday with Kati Elliott

Wednesday 17th November

  • 1pm - 18k Congo Green Tourmaline with Toby Cavill
  • 5pm - Namibian Pietersite with Jake Thompson
  • 8pm - Namibian Mandarin with Jake Thompson
  • Midnight - Nigerian Pink Morganite

Thursday 18th November

  • 9am - Nigerian Cullinan Topaz with Dave Troth
  • 12pm until 2pm - Destello
  • 4pm - Namibian Demantoid with Toby Cavill
  • 9pm - Dragonstone Jasper with Jake Thompson
  • Midnight - Namibian Pietersite

Friday 19th November

  • 12pm - Mali Garnet with Dave Troth
  • 4pm - Namibian Mandarin with Jake Thompson
  • 8pm - Cherry Orchard Agate with Toby Cavill
  • Midnight - Gem Jelly Aquaprase

Saturday 20th November

  • 9am - Namibian Mandarin
  • Midnight - 18K Congo Tourmaline

Sunday 21st November

  • 9am - Congo Chrysocolla with Dave Troth
  • 12pm - Nigerian Rubellite with Dave Troth
  • 4pm - Nigerian Emerald with Dave Troth
  • 8pm - Moroccan Amethyst
  • Midnight - Peach Morganite


You can watch Gemporia TV live in the UK 24-hours a day on Freeview channel 44, Sky channel 665, Virgin Media channel 755 and Freesat channel 805, as well as on YouTube or right here on our website.

Occasionally, show contents may change due to circumstances beyond our control. Should this occur, check back to this page for details of rescheduled shows and events.

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