How to Choose an Engagement Ring Part Three - Setting

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Once you have chosen the ring’s overall style, have a look at the specific settings available for engagement rings. People are increasingly going for more unusual settings to really encapsulate the personality of the wearer.

The main considerations when it comes to settings are practicality and comfort. If your partner is a very outdoorsy type, or has a manual job for example, a gemstone that is very prominent might be impractical. Here are some options:

SOLITAIRE Solitaire Ring

Single Solitaire – the most classic style, simple and stunning.

Solitaire with accents – another classic setting, but with that extra touch of elegance.


TRILOGY Trilogy Ring

Trilogy – The most romantic of settings, said to represent a past, present, and future together – ‘I love you more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow’.


ETERNITY Eternity Ring

Full eternity – A very practical setting, more typically used as a wedding band or promise ring, but a great option for engagement rings too.

Half eternity – Similar to the above, but the gemstones are only set on the upwards side of the ring, these have the advantage of being a little more comfortable, and more affordable as well.

CLUSTER Cluster Ring

Cluster – An unusual choice, but a cluster ring will have a huge amount of sparkle, but the shapes of cluster rings (floral, stars and so on) can bring a really individual look.


Cocktail – A huge central stone, with or without accents, bold and eye-catching.

Next, have a look at our How to Choose an Engagement Ring Part Four - Gemstone guide to see what gemstone and cuts you could consider.

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